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Title: T'was the Night Before Sithmas
Post by: Darkened Angel on December 19, 2017, 11:19:53 AM
T'was the night before Sithmas,
And all in the cantina,
Not a creature was slurring,
Except some drunks from Arkania.

All of a sudden,
While the patrons were bored,
Stepped through the entrance,
A powerful Sith Lord.

In a suit of all black,
Wielding a red lightsaber,
Stood before them all,
The one and only Darth Vader.

He checked his list,
He checked it twice,
He found out who was naughty,
And smuggling spice.

He held out his saber,
He held it out high,
He shouted towards a man,
" I have you now, Jedi! "

He spoke not a word,
He simply began to stand,
Then a lightsaber hilt,
Moved from his belt to his hand.

Igniting the blade,
It glowed bright blue,
The man shouted back,
" I will defeat you! "

Their lightsabers clashed,
They swung to and fro,
They Force Pushed things about,
And the mess began to grow.

Tables and chairs,
Were thrown about by the masters,
A few spacers joined in,
Firing their blasters.

Many patrons dove for cover,
And towards the door they'd crawl,
As the entire cantina,
Turned into a brawl.

The fighting died down,
The spacers yelled in pain,
The Jedi slumped to the floor,
And everyone was slain.

Without a word,
The Sith Lord left the cantina,
Which now was in ruins,
His latest arena.

So be good this Sithmas,
And obey your Sith masters, you hear?
Or else Darth Vader will be coming,
For you next year.
Title: Re: T'was the Night Before Sithmas
Post by: LadyM on December 19, 2017, 02:45:44 PM
loololololol Soooooooo good, DA! :D