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Title: Wickedly Hip Witch
Post by: Darkened Angel on December 19, 2017, 11:26:05 AM
Double double
Toil and trouble
Fire burn and
Jazz it up, baby!

Jazz it up!

A pinch of this

Just a pinch!

A dash of that

A little dash!

Put it together
And my spells are phat.
I see you standing there
Gazing on in wonderment
Let me just... stir my cauldron
And show you some enjoyment.

Whoaaaaa, look out!

* cauldron erupts in a rainbow of fireworks *

I'm not like those other witches.
Lemme just add a clover...
All I want is to have some fun. * cauldron erupts as the clover is added *
And right now, the party ain't over!

Get down, baby!

So just a little

Hex me, sister!

And maybe another

Oh yeah!

You'll be partying hard
And saying " Thank you ma'am. "
So just sit back and relax
While I put it to the max.
Let me just add one little pour. * another eruption, the room turns into a disco *
And get down on the dance floor!