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Off Topic / Re: Lurker's Lair
« on: November 21, 2017, 08:09:12 AM »
This nasty Cold thats been bugging me for the last week seems to finally let go. Feeling much better than a few Days ago. I'm sure I'm good to go back to work again tomorrow.

*Mixed feelings lurk*

Wotan's Journals / Re: The Shezarrine - a Skyrim story
« on: November 21, 2017, 08:00:14 AM »
We made for Rorikstead...

"Are you shin?" I asked. "Shin? Only one person calls me that. Who are you?" "Mirabelle sent me to help." "Mira-who?" he said. It was obvious the girl had not given me her correct name, but I recalled the name I had Heard Shin call her in Markarth. "The little blonde breton in Markarth?" I said. "Ohhh... yeah, of course... Mirabelle," Shin said. "Mirai sent me to help." "Mirai sent someone to help me? I thought something was different today." "Why is that surprising?" I wondered. "I've known Mirai for a long time and when she sets her mind on something, nothing will keep her from getting what she wants." "Determined, I like that." "Hm, at least you see the good in her where others would be quickly put off by that same personality. Mirai could use some friends like you. Anyways, we're getting off track. I don't know who you are but if Mirai told you where and who I am you must've spoken with her. I knew this was a long-shot when Mirai told me her plan, but I really didn't want her to lose hope. This is probably her last chance. I was supposed to find an Orc who goes by the name Junan, a friend of her father's. From what Mirai remembers, he lives in Rorikstead or Falkreath. I've looked around Town several times and spoke with several people, as well as the guardsmen, and no one has sen any Orcs here. I Think you know where I'm going with this. I'm exhausted and I could use Another pair of Eyes in Falkreath. Mirai wants to speak with him, personally. You can either bring him back to me and I'll take him or bring him to her yourself. I've personally never met this Orc Before so I don't know how cooperative he'll be. How you persuae him to Mirai is up to you. Not too bad, right? But if there's anything else, I'll be at the Inn here in Rorikstead if you have any questions. I need a break," Shin said.

Vilja then recalled she had seen a Hlaalu farm near Windhelm. And off we went...

"Welcome to the land of eternal snow and gloominess. I'm Falanu Hlaalu, originally from Cyrodiil, but nowadays on indefinate holiday here..." "Heneri Hlaalu sent me to find a blood relative of hers," I said. "My mother is alive? After all these years? It must have been Three hundred years since I gave her that recipe of Eternal Youth and Beauty. Of course that crazy old witch doubled the potion, and as a result she had some, well... bad side effects. I did warn her, actually! I Heard that a friend of hers bottled her up. But I Always thought the bottle had been buried. Or that someone eneded up drinking the content. Nords, bah! Give them a bottle, and they wil sooner or later drink the content." "I need ten drops of your blood." "Are you out of your mind? I nee my blood, myself," Falanu said. "But she is your mother!" "Yes... that is true. I need to Think on this a Little. And I Always Think better after a bottle of good Alto Wine and a Honey Nut Treat. I tell you what... You bring me a bottle of good Alto Wine and a Honey Nut Treat, and I'll ponder on whether or not I should help her," Falanu said.
It was good that Windhelm was so Close by. It was also good that the city had a sizeable population of Dunmer. This made it easy to find Alto Wine for sale in the tavern. With the order filled, we returned to the farm. "I've brought you Alto Wine and a Honey Nut Treat," I said. "Exellent! And I have made up my mind. You see, we may have argued for decades, but Heneri is still my mother. A crap mother, if you ask me, but still... She can have ten drops of my blood. It would be really nice to meet her again - there's nothing like a good arguing between mother and daughter," Falanu said. "Let's hurry back to Henei with the blood. Oh, I bet she will be happy when she hears that we have actually met her daughter!" vilja said.

Wotan's Journals / Re: The Shezarrine - a Skyrim story
« on: November 20, 2017, 06:11:19 AM »
Needless to say, we were all exited to see what had been in the bottle. And did we get a big surprise!

"What on Nirn... Who on Nirn are you??" Vilja said. "That's what I ask myself, too. I know who I am, but right now, I feel like a green-haired, red-eyed midget from a deep and mysterious underworld. Tell me, how long have I been in this bottle?" the mystery woman said. "Well... I inherited the bottle from my grandmother, who had inherited it from her grandmother... Several hundred years, I would think..." "Several hundred years? Your grandmother? Tell me, who are you?" "I'm Vilja. I'm from Solstheim, but my grandmother told me to bring the bottle to Eldergleam Sanctuary in Skyrim in order to get help to restore it," Vilja said. "Vilja... Ah, I see... Then you must be the great-great-granddaughter of an old friend of mine. The friend who took care of me when I, well, became fluid... My name is Heneri Hlaalu, by the way. Morrowind witch living in Cyrodiil. Well, at least I was living in Cyrodiil Before my... accident," the woman said. "Uhm... may I ask how you ended up in that bottle?" "It was my daughter's fault of course! Falanu, pfuii... She never had more Brains than a mudcrab. I shouldn't have used her recipe for a potion of Eternal Youth and Beauty. Well... guess at least I shouldn't have doubled the strength of it in order to get the right effect. But how was I supposed to know it had side-effects? There was absolutely nothing in the recipe indicating that one would become fluid!" "Well... doubled strength might add some odd effects to any potion, that's what my mother told me," Vilja said. "Bah... You just take a Little of this and a Little of that and then you mix it and then you drink it. It really should have worked like a charm. Can't understand what Went wrong... But it did help, didn't it? I mean, I do look Young and Beautiful, right?" Heneri said. "Well... uhh... Maybe. But the main thing is of course that you aren't fluid anymore, isn't it? Tell me, how are you feeling now?" "Feeling? I'm the size of a midget and I am still making splashing sounds whenever I try to move. How would that make you feel? So, even if I'm out of the bottle, I wouldn't exactly call myself cured." "Can we help you in any way?" Vilja wondered. "Yes, of course you can. I need something to stabilize myself, and something to bring myself back to normal size. And I need something to drink! Can you imagine being trapped inside a bottle foe what appears to be an eternity without being able to drink at all?" "So, tell me, what do you need?" "I have some ideas of that... but first, I want to thank your friend over there," Hereni said.
"I assume the two of you have been working together on getting me out of this bottle. Hello there. There is no reason to be shy. Come over here and talk for a while with an old Dunmer lady," Heneri said. "What's on your mind?" I wondered. "What's on my mind? Well, I want to thank you of course. After all, it isn't only thanks to Vilja that I finally got out of this bottle. And it won't be all thanks to her if I manage to regain my normal size and get rid of this feeling of... splashing... whenever I move around. She'll need your help to help me. And I do hope you will help her?" "Of course I will help her!" "Good! Good! Then I will tell you what I need to regain my full Health and strength. I... need... BLOOD! Yes, that's exactly what I need. But, not any blood will do, of course. In order to regain my size, I need at least 10 drops of blood from a blood relative. A blood relative from the great house Hlaalu. I'm sure that somewhere in skyrim, there must be someone who carries my Beautiful surname. And I'm sure that someone as charming as you can convince this relative of mine to provide me with the blood I need to recover. If you can't charm them, maybe you can just torture them a Little? Or something like that. use your creativity. Just make sure you bring me the blood," Heneri said.

Back at Dragonstead after a long absence. Unna, my and Shauna's little son had grown into a little boy. While we were at the mansion, I crafted a Little leather armour for him.

Wotan's Journals / Re: The Shezarrine - a Skyrim story
« on: November 19, 2017, 05:26:11 AM »
I decided we should visit the Palace...

"Only the foolish or the courageous approach a jarl without summons... Do I know you?" Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak said. "I was at Helgen," I said. "Aaaah. Yes... Destined for the chopping block if Iäm not mistaken." "I helped Ralof escape. He said he'd voich for me." "Ralof's alive? I hope that's true. He's a damn good man. But he hasn't returned yet, so I'll need to wait for his account. For now, speak with Galmar. I'm Always looking for able fighters. Not everyone can say they made it out of Helgen. Seems we're all branded villains these days...  So long as your criminal past stays in the past, and you fight for me with honor and integrity, we'll welcome you into our ranks," Ulfric said.
"Hmm. Helgen, eh? Ulfric told us quite the story. If you made it through all that, you're likely Worth something to me. But first, tell me. Why's a foreigner want to fight for Skyrim?" Galmar Stone-Fist said. "Skyrim is my home," I said. "Fair enough. But are you willing to die for your home?" "That's why I'm here. I want to join." "All right. But Before I put you to use, I need to know how much you can take. I have a Little test for you," Galmar said. "What kind of test?" "The kind men use to measure themselves. I'm sending you to Serpentstone Island. If you survive, you pass. If you die, well, you weren't going to be much use to me anyway." "What's at Serpenstone Island?" I wondered. "It's where men have tested their mettle for ages. There's a strange rock formation, built by the ancients. Something about that plave attracts the Ice Wraiths. You kill an Ice Wraith out there, and I'll have the proof I need about you." "Does every recruit have to do this?" "Only the ones I'm not sure about. This will prove your abilities, but more importantly, it will prove your commitment," Galmar said.
"Let's hurry back to Anesia! Oh, I am eager to see if she has been able to restore the content of my bottle!" Vilja said.

"I am glad you are here. We need to talk about Vilja's bottle. I have managed to restore the content of the bottle. These are the good news. However... It wasn't exactly what I had expected. It was... worse... You better look for yourselves. Just follow the path to the stairs..." Anesia said.

Wotan's Journals / Re: The Shezarrine - a Skyrim story
« on: November 18, 2017, 07:34:55 AM »
"Anesia, guess what! We have found all the ingredients now!" Vilja says. "All of them? That's good!" "Here they are. Do you Think you can do something to restore the content of that bottle now?" "Yes, I Think it should be possible. But it will take a Little time, and I need to be alone while working on it," Anesia says. "I understand. Is there anything you'd like us to do for you meanwhile?" Vilja says. "Yes, there is. I have completed a list of ingredients for my friend Jelena. If you could bring it to her, this would be a great help for our research," Anesia says. "Oh, I'm sure we can do that!" "Here. Give this note to Jelena. I Believe she should be in Windhelm by now." "But... I don't know what she looks like," Vilja says. "Your friend will recognize her. Give the note to your friend and then the two of you can go to Windhelm together," Anesia says. "I will do so. Oh, Anesia, this is so exiting! And I am so grateful for your help," Vilja says. "I am happy to help whenever I can. That is what I am here for."

"I have promised Anesia that we will run a Little errand for her while she restores the content of my bottle. Here, take this ingredients list. It is for Jelena, the pilgrim you met earlier on. It's better you have it, as you can recognize her. Anesia told me that she is likely to be in Windhelm. We should go there and find her. And once we return, maybe, hopefully, Anesia has been able to restore the content of my mysterious bottle. Oh, it is so exiting! Don't you Think so, too?" Vilja said. "Yeah... I'd like to know what's really in that bottle, too," I said.

We arrived in Windhelm by horse carriage. And after going to the second floor of the Candlehearth Inn, I spotted Jelena...
"Anesia has an ingredients list for you," I said. "Good... good... I have been waiting to hear from her. I dearly hope her work is proceeding well and that she has found all the plants she needed," she said.

Off Topic / Re: Lurker's Lair
« on: November 17, 2017, 10:21:12 AM »
Been down with a clod for the last 3 Days. My throat feels like I've swallowed a grater iron. But this has given me plenty of time for my Skyrim. Just updated the Shezarrine again.


Wotan's Journals / Re: The Shezarrine - a Skyrim story
« on: November 17, 2017, 10:09:00 AM »
We headed to Boulderfall Cave...

"Finally! A Blood Dripping Crown! Blech... it really looks... blood dripping... But hopefully it will be useful for Anesia. Thank you so much!" Vilja said.

"I have now only one thing left that I need to collect Before we can return to Anesia. Isn't that great!" Vilja said. "That's absolutely fantastic!" I said. "Yes, I'm so happy! Now we only need to find this last ting, though..." she said. "And what might that be?" I wondered. "It's a dragonbone. Hmm... you don't happen to have one somewhere? I mean, else we'll have to wait for a dragon to kill, won't we?" she said. "Oh, I have some dragonbone left. I never got around to crafting more than my dragonplate armour cuirass, still need greaves and boots. I've got the bones in the basement," I said. "You have? Oh, that's absolutely wonderful! Let's return to Anesia in the Eldergleam Sanctuary. I'm sure she'll be very pleased with what we have collected," vilja said.

Wotan's Journals / Re: The Shezarrine - a Skyrim story
« on: November 16, 2017, 07:49:08 AM »
These dragons, do they ever learn?

"I've given out all of the fliers. Anything else you'd like me to do?" I told Anduniel. "That's great news, thanks! I've sent for Valla and Tyrion at the Bards College. They should be here soon, and we can perform on the stage!" she said. "Are you nervous?" I wondered. "I sure am! I really want this to go well," she said. "Don't worry, you'll do great. I'm sure people will have a wonderful time," I assured her. "Oh, thank you for saying so! Well, I better go get ready!" she said.

"Let me see... You have all the ingredients on your list now, haven't you? Oh, that is wonderful. Now I just have to find the ones remaining on my list. Anesia needs me to find a mushroom, a blood Dripping Crown. It looks very similar to a Bleeding Crown, but this one is very, very rare. I have been looking everywhere, but I can't seem to find one. However, Anesia mentions an alternate, but dangerous, way to get a sample... There is a necromancers' hideout called Boulderfall Cave, not far from Riften. Anesia writes that the necromancers in there have been collecting and cultivating the Blood Dripping Crown for their experiments. Maybe we could find a sample there? I know it is dangerous, and I don't suggest we should go there at once, but maybe we coud go there one of these days? I really need this ingredient," Vilja says. "I've never Heard of this mushroom... Necromancers and experiments, you say? I would not be surprised if the Blood Dripping Crown is the result of their experiments on the Bleeding Crown," I said.

Another dragon down. With the beast handled, we could now do what we came here for - visit the inn in Dawnstar...

Wotan's Journals / Re: The Shezarrine - a Skyrim story
« on: November 15, 2017, 07:57:50 AM »
We soon found the Breton girl's camp...

In the tent I found her diary and started reading. Vilja protested, saying I couldn't read someone's private thoughts. But I told her this book might contain clues that would let me help her. Vilja relented and I continued Reading the book - aloud.
4E197, Rain's Hand, Morndas
I wanted to start Writing these things down to remember them. I don't remember much from when I was younger but I swear I've seen them Before. It's 7 in the morning and I just woke from the strangest dream.
I was lying on a bed... but it was extremely uncomfortble, it felt like I was lying on a huge slab of ice but it burned really bad. There was a strange man towering over me... he looked familiar... but I don't know, his face was mostly shadow. His mouth moved but no Words came out when suddenly the very last Word he said was so loud it woke me. I had no idea what it means, though, it sounded like... sauce? I don't know.
4E197, Sun's Dusk, Tirdas
Today was supposed to be a fun day, all of us together out to see Wayrest. But then Father was visited by some very tall men with strange masks. I've never seen my father act so... strange Before, all throughout the day he was so quiet and serious, almost anxious. I askem Mom about him and she seemed as worried as I was. I hope he turns back to normal soon.

I stopped Reading for a moment. Men in strange masks? I wonder if they could from the same weird cult that attacked us in Ivarstead. I wish she had been more detailed, then there would have been no doubt. But if they were the same people - as I feared - then this girl was in danger. I continued reading...
4E198, First Seed, Sundas
I had Another strange dream and even though it's barely first light, I need to write this down Before I forget. The sky was... well, strange... a pale colour. I was on a large platform surrounded by water while a shadowy figure faced me at the end. I tried to walk towards him but my legs were Heavy, I tried to call out but only silence came. I looked around for any other clues to where I was but when I turned back to him he was gone.
That's when the water began to rise and ground began to shake, something was emerging and all I knew is I had to get away. As I managed to turn around the shadow was there and as soon as I saw him he shouted Another blaring Word at me. This time it sounded like... dust.
4E198, Frostfall, Morndas
I've Always liked the Cold, it feels like I'm Always more energetic during the Cold months. That and since it's been so long since I've had one of my nightmares I thought I'd make good use of this time.
Mother has Always said I should learn to defend myself to Father's disapproval but today I took her up on her offer. She was Always really good with magic but I was Always a bit nervous to learn. So she started with teaching me how to use a knife but I really want to focus on larning magic eventually.
4E199, Second Seed, Fredas
I was hoping I would stop having these weird Dreams. Every time I have one of them I feel... different. Not a bad different but... well I still don't like it. This time was a Little different at least. I was soaring high above the Mountains when all I could see was blue as far as the horizon Went. I felt free. But soon the sky started to turn dark, almost pitch black and soon I was surrounded by darkness.
Straight ahead a book surounded by light came into view. I don't know when I landed but I started Walking on seemingly nothing, lured to the sight like I was under some spell. But as soon as I got Close enough to grab it, it turned back to darkness and I started falling through the floor. Strangely calm, I looked back up and saw thar man again where the light once was and had now returned.
He shouted Another Word down at me, this time it was unmistakable... dovah

Dragon! The girl was definitely dreaming in Dovahzul. Could this mean she is a Dragonborn too? Now I knew I really had to get to know her more closely. I continued reading...
4E199, Last Seed, Tirdas
I don't know why, but every year Father gets visited by those men with masks and every time he does stop talking to me for the rest of the day. I want to know what they talk about... maybe I'll try and get closer next time.
4E199, Frostfall, Fredas
Mother and I ha been training in secret for Close to a year, almost nightly, when Father finally caught on. Needless to say he was furious and I felt he really overreacted. I feared for Mother when he started yelling at her, so to avoid escalating anything I promised to stop training. I didn't mean it. I'd just have to continue by myself.
4E199, Evening Star, Middas
Father caught me training alone outside our home... I suppose it was foolish of me to Think he would stop watching just because I had said so. He wasn't nearly as upset as Before but he was still adamant in getting me to quit. When I confronted him about why he simply said it was not becoming of a 'young lady.' As I protested he promised me we would go to Wayrest for sure for the new year. At least it's something.
4E200, Morning Star, Thurdas
He canceled again. I can't stand it anymore, I hate him. I'm going even if I have to go by myself.

That was the last entry. We should get back, the girl was waiting...

"Is this what you wanted?" I asked, showing the book I picked up in the tent. "That's it, give it to me," she said. "First I have questions," I said. "Hmh, a demand after doing me a favor? Well, I can't say I didn't expect you wanted something. I guess I can't really refuse when you have my book with you. Fine, but you only get one, make it Count," she said. "What's your name?" I asked. "Oh, well that's easy enough. I admit I expected something a lot more personal. My name is Mirabelle," she said. "I thought I Heard something different earlier..." I remarked. "When? When you were eavesdropping? You must've misheard. My name is Mirabelle. Can I have my book now, please?" she said. "I looked inside it," I admitted. "I figured you would, I'm not surprised. I might as well ask then, what do you think?" she said. Are you still having Dreams?" I wondered. "Actually, no, I'm long overdue. I haven't had a Dream like that for Close to a year. Still, I feel they mean something so I don't want to forget them," she said. "What do you Think they mean?" I asked. "I don't know. Maybe they're just Dreams and I'm obsessing over nothing. My mother was Always such a strong believer in signs from the Nine, I just knew I should pay attention to this. Look, this was a nice chat and all but I've said enough. It's really none of your business. Can I have my book now, please? Thank you... this is... very important to me. I know what you're thinking, Well why didn't you go get it yourself then? Well, that's really none of your business! It's not like it was going anywhere! I was just in a rush 'cus I remembered Shin was supposed to be back today. Either way... I really should take better care of it," she said. "Shin? Is he who you were speaking with earlier?" I wondered. "Uh... yeah. I've known him forever, he's an old friend of my mother's. He's been an... invaluable help, I don't know where I'd be without him," she said. "What has he been helping you with?" I wondered. "Uh... something. Hm... why don't you ask him yourself? You're all for doing stuff for free, right? Well, I sent Shin to Rorikstead to go find someone and... he's already done so much for me. He could probably use some help. Nevemind! Just go to Rorikstead and talk to him! He'll have something for you to do. Remember to take care of yourself, it's harsh out there," she said.
The girl should be safe as long as she stayed in Markarth. So, it was off to Rorikstead, but first a few other errands...

Anduniel was waiting for my return at the Bards College in Solitude. She had finished her research and had composed a new piece with her friends. We returned to the meadery together. That night we spent sampling some of Anduniel's recipes. The mead must have gotten to us as we ended up in bed...

Off Topic / Re: Favorite videos
« on: November 14, 2017, 01:45:05 PM »
The World famous Swedish moose:

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

The police in Värmland, Sweden, recently decided to put this moose down after it allegedly attacked a woman and her two dogs. There was a storm against this decision where 10.000 names were collected. Several hunters simply refused to hunt the moose. Now the police has called of the hunt - their reason, 'there has been no further reports of this moose attacking people.'

Wotan's Journals / Re: The Shezarrine - a Skyrim story
« on: November 12, 2017, 04:51:06 AM »
"What the... is going on in Markarth? There is a murder in the streets and people shout about the Forsworn, but the guards do Everything to quiet it down. Seems we've stumbled on a Conspiracy here..."

The "Madmen" of the Reach: A Cultural Treatise on the Forsworn by Arrianus Arius, Imperial Scholar
Since the legendary victory of Tiber Septim over the "barbarian natives" in the Battle of Old Hroldan, Imperial and Nord scholarship has cast the people of the Reach as little more than savages, prone to irrational fits of violence, worshipping old, heretical gods, and fetishizing beasts and nature spirits that any civilized person would best well avoid. In truth, these accounts are little more than "victor's essays," a perspective narrowed by the Empire's constant strife with the ancient, proud people that lived in this land far before Tiber Septim walked the soil of Tamriel. In light of this, I hope to create a more complete, accurate, and fair assessment of a group that has long suffered under the role of "enemy," "troublemakers," and "them."
Let us begin with the Forsworn, the so-called "madmen" of the Reach. The Imperial Legion classifies them as little more than brigands, noting their constant raids and ambushes within the Hold. But none of their military reports asks the question of "why?" If they were merely a group of bandits, surely they would be focused on acquiring gold and minimizing deaths among their own. But the opposite is true in Forsworn attacks. Large sums of coin are often left behind, and their fighters easily throw away their lives rather than risk capture by Imperial soldiers.
It is this incongruity that led me to Markarth, the capital city of the Reach, in search of answers. There, I met one of the native peoples, an old woman who preferred to not be named in my writings. She told me of her family's long history. How she believes they originally came from High Rock, home of the Bretons (which would explain the similar faces and stature of the two peoples). How the Nords came and took their lands, their gods, and their culture from them. When asked about the Forsworn, the old woman would say that they are the "real" men and women of the Reach: those that refused to give in to the Nords. Those that still practiced the ancient traditions that the rest of their people had abandoned in exchange for peace.
In time, I was able to create trust with many more natives in my search that corroborated the old woman's story. By chance, one of them arranged a meeting between myself and what I thought was an elder member of his village. I was shocked to find that I was led to a camp, filled with the animal skulls, severed heads, and still beating hearts that I had read about from the military reports back in the Imperial City. There, I met Cortoran, a Forsworn, who seemed amused at the prospect of me writing down his story. Which I quote in full below:
"You want to know who the Forsworn are? We are the people who must pillage our own land. Burn our own ground. We are the scourge of the Nords. The axe that falls in the dark. The scream before the gods claim your soul. We are the true sons and daughters of the Reach. The spirits and hags have lived here from the beginning, and they are on our side. Go back. Go back and tell your Empire that we will have our own kingdom again. And on that day, we will be the ones burying your dead in a land that is no longer yours."

Searching for the local alchemy shop, known as the Hag's Cure, we overheard the conversaition between a young Breton girl and a strange man. She seemed in distress, but was very reluctant to divulge what her problem was. It took me quite some effort but in the end she asked me to recover her journal from her camp. For some reason this Young girl intrigues me. She isn't much older than Shauna.

We found the Hag's Cure...

"What have you got there? Oh... Could it be...? You have found Tamriel Flora Illustrated?" Vilja said. She was very happy when I gave her the book I had just bought. "Have you Heard of Countess Vanessa's Charm? It's an invaluable necklace that the countess used to make both kings and peasants adore her. When the Countess died, the necklace was buried with her. This was long ago, and no-one knows where she was buried. But a Little while ago, a half-dead adventurer had returned from a certain draugr tomb, claiming he had found it. However, he had lost it on his way out of the tomb. You see, the Counyess woke up when he grabbed the necklace and chased him out of the place. Unfortunately, he dropped the necklace while running. And, worse, the Countess put a curse on him, so he died a few Days after. I know which tomb he visited - I'll mark it on your map. Of course, I'm not suggesting that we should go there, but... Don't you Think you would have use for such an amulet? I'm sure I would. And if you don't want it, I would surely like to have it," Vilja said.

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"My master has abandoned me! Abandoned his people. And nothing I say can change his mind. Now he refuses to eeven see me. He says I interrupt hi vacation! It's been so many years... Won't you please help?" Dervenin said. "How can I find your master?" I wondered. "Last I saw him, he was visiting a friend in the Blue Palace. But no one as mundane as the Jarl. No, no... such people are below him. No, he Went into the forbidden wing of the Palace, to speak with an old friend. Said it had been ages since they had last had tea. Oh and you'll need the hip bone... it's very important. No entering Pelagius' Wing without that," Dervenin said. "So you need me to bring him back?" I said. "Yes, but don't try to use force! He's far too Mighty. He'd crush you like a clay doll, or drop you from the sky, or simply eat your Brains right up! Oh, but he probably won't do these things to you. Probably. Just remind him to come home, and... there'll be no fighting or unpleasantness. Probably. He's just a Little confused at the moment, is all. Knowing my master, he may very well reward you for bringing him to his senses!" Dervenin said. "Who is your master?" I wondered. "He is a great man, but one rarely praised! He rules Twin empires that span the length and breadth of our minds! All know him, but few can name him! But... he has forbidden me from saying his name. He says it distracts him, and woe to those who draw his ire. But you will know him when you see him. He's the one who made me like this!" Dervenin said. "Why do you need him back?" I wondered. "Without his guidance, our homeland is falling apart. North wages war against South! The holy flame flickers and dies! We need his return. Oh, but... I'm sure he'll repay you when he comes to his sesnses! His favor is a powerful, powerful thing. And so very Worth any... inconveniences. He stays in the Pelagius Wing of the Blue Palace. The doors are locked, and only Falk Firebeard can grant entry. But I hear the maids, Una and Erdi, know how to enter it for cleaning. Surely they can help for such an important matter?" Dervenin said.

The Madness of Pelagius by Tsathenes
The man who would be Emperor of all Tamriel was born Thoriz Pelagius Septim, a prince of the royal family of Wayrest in 3E 119 at the end of the glorious reign of his uncle, Antiochus I. Wayrest had been showered by much preference during the years before Pelagius' birth, for King Magnus was Antiochus' favorite brother.
It is hard to say when Pelagius' madness first manifested itself, for, in truth, the first ten years of his life were marked by much insanity in the land itself. When Pelagius was just over a year old, Antiochus died and a daughter, Kintyra, assumed the throne to the acclaim of all. Kintyra II was Pelagius' cousin and an accomplished mystic and sorceress. If she had sufficient means to peer into the future, she would have surely fled the palace.
The story of the War of the Red Diamond has been told in many other scholarly journals, but as most historians agree, Kintyra II's reign was usurped by her and Pelagius' cousin Uriel, by the power of his mother, Potema -- the so-called wolf queen of Solitude. The year after her coronation, Kintyra was trapped in Glenpoint and imprisoned in the Imperial dungeons there.
All of Tamriel exploded into warfare as Prince Uriel took the throne as Uriel III, and High Rock, because of the imprisoned Empress' presence there, was the location of some of the bloodiest battles. Pelagius' father, King Magnus, allied himself with his brother Cephorus against the usurper Emperor, and brought the wrath of Uriel III and Queen Potema down on Wayrest. Pelagius, his brothers and sisters, and his mother Utheilla fled to the Isle of Balfiera. Utheilla was of the line of Direnni, and her family manse is still located on that ancient isle even to this day.
There is thankfully much written record of Pelagius' childhood in Balfiera recorded by nurses and visitors. All who met him described him as a handsome, personable boy, interested in sport, magic, and music. Even assuming diplomats' lack of candor, Pelagius seemed, if anything, a blessing to the future of the Septim Dynasty.
When Pelagius was eight, Cephorus slew Uriel III at the Battle of Ichidag and proclaimed himself Emperor Cephorus I. For the next ten years of his reign, Cephorus battled Potema. Pelagius' first battle was the Siege of Solitude, which ended with Potema's death and the final end of the war. In gratitude, Cephorus placed Pelagius on the throne of Solitude.
As king of Solitude, Pelagius' eccentricities of behavior began to be noticeable. As a favorite nephew of the Emperor, few diplomats to Solitude made critical commentary about Pelagius. For the first two years of his reign, Pelagius was at the very least noted for his alarming shifts in weight. Four months after taking the throne, a diplomat from Ebonheart called Pelagius "a hale and hearty soul with a heart so big, it widens his waist"; five months after that, the visiting princess of Firsthold wrote to her brother that "the king's gripped my hand and it felt like I was being clutched by a skeleton. Pelagius is greatly emaciated, indeed."
Cephorus never married and died childless three years after the Siege of Solitude. As the only surviving sibling, Pelagius' father Magnus left the throne of Wayrest and took residence at the Imperial City as the Emperor Magnus I. Magnus was elderly and Pelagius was his oldest living child, so the attention of Tamriel focused on Sentinel. By this time, Pelagius' eccentricities were becoming infamous.
There are many legends about his acts as King of Sentinel, but few well-documented cases exist. It is known that Pelagius locked the young princes and princesses of Silvenar in his room with him, only releasing them when an unsigned Declaration of War was slipped under the door. When he tore off his clothes during a speech he was giving at a local festival, his advisors apparently decided to watch him more carefully. On the orders of Magnus, Pelagius was married to the beautiful heiress of an ancient Dark Elf noble family, Katariah Ra'athim.
Nordic kings who marry Dark Elves seldom improve their popularity. There are two reasons most scholars give for the union. Magnus was trying to cement relations with Ebonheart, where the Ra'athim clan hailed. Ebonheart's neighbor, Mournhold, had been a historical ally of the Empire since the very beginning, and the royal consort of Queen Barenziah had won many battles in the War of the Red Diamond. Ebonheart had a poorly-kept secret of aiding Uriel III and Potema.
The other reason for the marriage was more personal: Katariah was as shrewd a diplomat as she was beautiful. If any creature was capable of hiding Pelagius' madness, it was she.
On the 8th of Second Seed, 3E 145, Magnus I died quietly in his sleep. Jolethe, Pelagius' sister took over the throne of Solitude, and Pelagius and Katariah rode to the Imperial City to be crowned Emperor and Empress of Tamriel. It is said that Pelagius fainted when the crown was placed on his head, but Katariah held him up so only those closest to the thrones could see what had happened. Like so many Pelagius stories, this cannot be verified.
Pelagius III never truly ruled Tamriel. Katariah and the Elder Council made all the decisions and only tried to keep Pelagius from embarrassing all. Still, stories of Pelagius III's reign exist.
It was said that when the Argonian ambassador from Blackrose came to court, Pelagius insisted on speaking in all grunts and squeaks, as that was the Argonian's natural language.
It is known that Pelagius was obsessed with cleanliness, and many guests reported waking to the noise of an early-morning scrubdown of the Imperial Palace. The legend of Pelagius while inspecting the servants' work, suddenly defecating on the floor to give them something to do, is probably apocryphal.
When Pelagius began actually biting and attacking visitors to the Imperial Palace, it was decided to send him to a private asylum. Katariah was proclaimed regent two years after Pelagius took the throne. For the next six years, the Emperor stayed in a series of institutions and asylums.
Traitors to the Empire have many lies to spread about this period. Whispered stories of hideous experiments and tortures performed on Pelagius have almost become accepted as fact. The noble lady Katariah became pregnant shortly after the Emperor was sent away, and rumors of infidelity and, even more absurd, conspiracies to keep the sane Emperor locked away, ran amok. As Katariah proved, her pregnancy came about after a visit to her husband's cell. With no other evidence, as loyal subjects, we are bound to accept the Empress' word on the matter. Her second child, who would reign for many years as Uriel IV, was the child of her union with her consort Lariate, and publicly acknowledged as such.
On a warm night in Suns Dawn, in his 34th year, Pelagius III died after a brief fever in his cell at the Temple of Kynareth in the Isle of Betony. Katariah I reigned for another forty six years before passing the scepter onto the only child she had with Pelagius, Cassynder.
Pelagius' wild behavior has made him perversely dear to the province of his birth and death. The 2nd of Suns Dawn, which may or may not be the anniversary of his death (records are not very clear) is celebrated as Mad Pelagius, the time when foolishness of all sorts is encouraged. And so, one of the least desirable Emperors in the history of the Septim Dynasty, has become one of the most famous ones.

Night fell and the festival commenced...

With the ceremonial burning of the effigy I was given full membership in the Bards College...

Shortly after our visit to Solitude we Went to Markarth. At the stables we Heard about forsworn plaguing the area. We were given direction to their hideout. I decided we should go at once. And once we got there, we encountered a band of forsworn. We killed them all... except for a young girl pleading for her life. I reckon she was about 16 and I just couldn't bring myself to ending her life. But where could she go? I could only see one option - I brought the young forsworn girl, Shauna, back with us to Dragonstead. There she would make a fine addition to my harem I thought. Little did I know how soon...

We all stayed the night. The following morning I accompanied my other followers to Lakeview. I then returned to Dragonstead. Shauna was waiting for me in the bedchamber, eager to please. I just couldn't resist and the Days passed one after the other. Soon two weeks had passed. There could be no doubt that our frequent excercise in bed would bear fruit. But for now, other matters were pressing...

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The Companions were waiting for us as we returned from Dustman's Cairn. There was a brief ceremony in the yard, and then... I was a full-fledged member of the Companions.

This time I remembered to talk to Lydia. She was honored and accepted the offer to become steward of Lakeview.

The weather wasn't the best when we inspected the latest additions to Anduniel's Meadery. Her Place was getting ready to open. We still had to advertise it to the public, though.
"At home, I had this wonderful book, Tamriel Flora Illustrated, with Pictures of almost every flower you could Think of," Vilja tells me. "Maybe we can find a new copy for you?" I said. "Do you Think so? Yes, maybe... maybe an alchemist store would have it for sale. What do you think?" she said. "I think you're reading my mid, girl," I chuckled.

It was time to return to the Bards College. Viarmo was anxious to see what we had brought back. Unfortunately, the text had been damaged beyond readable in places. But that doesn't stop a good bard. I suggested we'd just fill in the blanks. Viarmo was well versed in the history so it wasn't too hard for us to complete the verse...

... and for Viarmo to present it to the Jarl. Jarl Elisif was indeed impressed by our work. She proclaimed the burning of King Olaf would become a weekly event, and she offered the College a nice stipend as well. Now we had a festival to prepare...

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"Watch your step... Wouldn't want you to get hurt."
"Heh, heh. Welcome home."
"Try to escape again and the next Place we'll put you will be far less forgiving than the dungeon. It's a different World. You'd be wise to remember that."

"I'm not going to hurt you. We're here to help. Now let's go!"

"This is it... We came here for this? I pray that our dedication hasn't clouded the Prophet's judgement."
"What's this all about?" the mercenary wonders.
"There's no time!" Everything will be explained once we reach Alsorna. Now go with Dar Pha."
"I'm not leaving without my sister... not without Kyra," the mercenary says.
"Kyra is not the objective. You are. she is heavily guarded and the stakes are too high to risk losing either of you. Coming with us is the only hope you have of saving your sister."
"This is suicide. You'll never breach Gandohar's defenses," the mercenary says.
"We made it this far, didn't we? Now get on with it. It won't be long Before Gandohar's army is made aware of our prsence. If you reach the exit Point Before us, take it."

This was the first time the mercenary met Rogdor the orc warrior, and Nortar the orc Archer, and Dar Pha the veiled half-orc woman...

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The Silver Hand - a self acclaimed Group of werewolf hunters. The are the deadly enemy of the Companions. I can see why, now that we know the secret of the Companions, well the members of the inner circle at least. They are all werewolves - Wilkas and Farkas, Skjor and Aela and of course the Harbinger himself, Kodlak Whitemane. Those Silve Hand made no difference of Farkas or my followers. They attacked everyone. So, it was us or them. And as it turned out it was just them. Farkas made minced meat out of them when he transformed. Gave the Girls quite a frigght, too. But only briefly, as he quickly turned back after the first Group of Silver Hand had been slain. We would keep running into them, though, wherever we Went in the ancient ruin...

A Werewolf's Confession by Captain Philmont of the Oldgate Lancers, Daggerfall Covenant Army

The prisoner called for me today, and I had the dubious privilege of listening to his confession. Separated from him by narrow iron bars that I knew would be insufficient to protect me, I took down his words with a trembling hand.
What follows is my best rendering, although he was so soft-spoken that at times I had to guess at the precise words. Nevertheless, I am confident that what follows accurately represents the substance of our conversation:
"I accepted this curse at a young age. I was impressionable. My packleader was a family friend and elder in our village. I wanted to be strong, and I relished the strength the curse gave me. I would not have called it a curse, then.
"But with youth comes recklessness, and I was not good at disguising what I was. Eventually they discovered my true nature, and I was driven from the village.
"My packleader failed me. He did not protect me. He cared too much about his own status to risk it for my sake. I was alone.
"Everywhere I went I heard the shouts of crowds, saw the bright torches of the angry mob. I never lingered long in one place before my secret was discovered.
"I came to hate them. The superstitious villagers. I came to resent what I couldn't have. I blamed them for my own recklessness. It was not the curse that plagued me, but the narrow-mindedness of these provincial men and women.
"I was afraid to hunt, so I was always hungry, and the hunger turned me feral. It was in this state that I came across them. A family of innocent farmers, just like the innocent farmers that had hounded me from village after village. My vision turned red and I flew into a fury.
"At last my hunger was satisfied.
"But when the rage subsided and I looked on what I'd done, my stomach turned. This was what all those villagers were afraid of, when they tormented me with their torches and sickles.
"That's when I acknowledged my curse for what it was. I have hunted many years since, afraid to turn myself in, but disgusted with my base impulses.
"You don't realize what a great favor you have done, capturing me."
And then having told his story, the creature, looking very much like a man, begged me to put him out of his misery.

Finally, we found what we were looking for - a fragment of Wuuthrad...
Good thing we were so many 'cause the draugr put up a fierce resistance.

"Quetsegol vahrukiv kiir jun Jafnhar, wo los og nahlaas naal yol do lot dovah Lodunost - This stone commemorates the Child king Jafnhar, who was burned alive by the fire of the great dragon Lodunost."

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