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AusyAndy's Stories / ~ Dead Island: Welcome To Paradise! ~
« on: December 30, 2017, 05:42:10 AM »

Dead Island: Welcome To Paradise!

"Damn, Liam! You're so tight," John Morgan, a fourty year old ex-soldier, said as he fucked the younger man.

"Come on, harder," Liam begged.


"What the hell was that?" John stopped thrusting and turned off the stereo that they had pumping out dance music to muffle any of Liam's moans. He looked over his shoulder at the closed door of the room. Noises echoed through the hall outside but they were too faint to make out.

"Who cares? It's probably just that drunken bastard Trevor stumbling around the ship again. Do you really give a shit if he walks in on us again? Just keep fucking me!" Liam ordered. He didn't care about mysterious noises out in the hall and he certainly wasn't about to let his ass-fucking be interrupted.

John rammed back into Liam, but shortly after an even louder noise in the hall the door swung open and a figure shambled into the room. It WAS that drunken bastard Trevor, but his face was white and his clothes were covered in blood.

"What the fuck!" Liam screamed as the bloody-clothed man lurched across the room and tried to grab John.

John pulled his cock out of Liam just in time to push the attacking man away. "Fuck off, Trevor!" He pushed him back across the room and into the wall. After falling to the floor, the man they knew as Trevor climbed back to his feet and had another go at John. John grabbed a cricket bat from a stand at the foot of the bed and used it to push the aggressor away as Liam watched the scene from his hands and knees on the bed. "Get back!" John yelled repeatedly as Trevor continued to lurch towards him.

"Oh, just hit the prick so we can get back to it," Liam said, waiting impatiently. He was starting to feel a bit silly waiting on his hands and knees with his eager ass in the air as all this went on.

"Is that all you can think of right now? This guy is trying to bite me!" Fed up with Trevor's continued attacks, John swung the bat at the man's knee.


Trevor went down like a ton of bricks. His head hit the corner of the desk before he finally fell limply to the ground.

"Oh, shit! You fucking killed him!" Liam yelled, climbing off the bed.

The pair ran across the room to inspect the body.

"Look at this shit, mate! He must have been sick or something!" John poked the body with the bat. "It looks like it's already starting to rot!"

"Oh, great. What kind of sickness could cause that? And the fucker was trying to bite you? Jesus Christ."

"I don't know what could cause that but we should probably get the hell out of here and find out what's going on."

"Do you really think that's such a good idea? The whole crew could be like this! And If I'm going to die I'd rather go out with your cock in my ass!" Liam started moving back to the bed.

"That's a really nice sentiment, Laim, but I think the moment's passed," John said as he motioned to his flaccid dick. "Come on, buddy." He grab his cargo pants from the floor and pulled them on.

"Oh fucking hell!" The sick man's intrusion didn't kill the mood for Liam. He pulled a pair of bright red speedos up his legs and crammed his erection behind the elasticated fabric, and followed John out into the hall...

AusyAndy's Stories / ~ Commonwealth Vault-Boy ~
« on: December 29, 2017, 07:37:40 AM »

Commonwealth Vault-Boy

So, I bet you're wondering why I'm sitting here in this tiny room. It's doesn't look like I'm doing much but I am in fact trying to collect myself and figure out my next move. Before I continue, let me tell you a bit about myself...

My name is Riley Walker. I'm nineteen years old (I know, I look older) and I used to live here in Concord with my uncle. This is, or was, my own bedroom. My parents died in a car accident when I was ten, and I was adopted by my uncle Jon. He was an awesome uncle and if he had settled down and had kids of his own he would have been a fantastic father. I was very lucky to have him, but the loss of my parents and the move to Concord wasn't easy on either of us. He taught me a lot in those early years. He didn't shy away from the more awkward topics involved in raising a boy, and he didn't try to keep me ignorant to the harsh realities of life. But work gradually began to take him away from home more frequently, until he'd be gone for weeks on end.

You see, he was in the military. Or, maybe he was a part of some government organisation and just told people he was in the military. I always liked to imagine he was a spy or secret agent like in the movies. He acted like it most of the time. I always felt like he knew more than anyone else. As if everyone was living in a delusional dream world but only he could see the reality behind the curtain. He taught me a lot about being independent and living on my own when I was a kid, so perhaps he knew that his work would be taking up more of his time as I got older. I missed him often, but I was young and full of hormones so I enjoyed the alone time. It was thanks to him, and I guess to his mysterious profession, that I am here today, sitting alone in what's left of our little apartment in Concord.

Shortly after I moved in with him, construction began on a vault a few miles north-west from here. Vault 111. Not long after its completion, uncle Jon sat me down and explained what it was for, and that I would have a place within its walls in the event of a nuclear incident. I would have been about fifteen at the time, and the threat of nuclear annihilation wasn't something I was too fussed about. Something that did always bother me, though, was the way he said that I had a place in the vault, and not the both of us, but I never had the courage to ask him.

It was two weeks after my nineteenth birthday when it happened. Uncle Jon was away again so I was on my own. The streets were filled with people and families trying to run frantically in all directions, hoping they could get somewhere, anywhere, that would save them from the initial blast. By then uncle Jon had already drilled my evacuation plan into my head with numerous practice runs and military-style exercises to ensure I get to Vault 111 safely. And I did. I sprang into action and made my way across town on my uncle's motorcycle, through the neighbourhood of Sanctuary Hills, and to the entry platform of the vault. The massive elevator descended into the ground, into Vault 111, and we were ushered through shining chrome hallways and into rooms filled with large pods. Cryogenic pods. They dressed us in their blue Vault 111 jumpsuits and directed us into the pods, and the rest is history.

My pod hissed viciously and the door lifted open. It didn't take long to regain my senses and discover the fate of my frozen fellows. A few of the other pods were open and empty, while the rest were still occupied. But the occupants were dead, all of them. Frozen in time, and never to reawaken. I got the hell out of there. Emergency lights lit up the corridors and warning sirens blared, and skeletons of Vault-Tec staff littered the halls. Something had gone terribly wrong with Vault 111. Luckily the elevator was still functioning, and I managed to get out. I followed a walking track through the woods all the way back to Concord.

And here I am. Sitting in my bedroom. Although my clothes and belongings are gone, the apartment is in surprisingly good shape.

AusyAndy's Stories / ~ Welcome to Northwood ~
« on: December 29, 2017, 07:27:31 AM »

Welcome To Northwood

Dustin jogged across the street under the dim light of the moon. He had an empty plastic container and a short length of rubber hose in his hand and moved towards one of the many cars that cluttered each side of the road. with no infected in sight, he popped the fuel cover open with a screwdriver and removed the cap, then slide one end of his hose into the tank. The other end of the rubber hose went into his mouth and he began to suck.


He coughed and spluttered, released the hose from his mouth and spat gasoline onto the ground. He directed the flow of fuel into his plastic container as it poured like a tap. When the container was full he screwed the lid on tight, coiled up his rubber hose and raced back across the street and into a nearby alleyway. In the shadows at the back of the alleyway sat an old black sedan. The paint was faded and worn from the vehicle's long life and the chrome trim had lost all its lustre. Dustin ran around the back of the car and emptied his container into its tank. It took five trips to empty the fuel tank of the car parked out on the street, but he quickly and cautiously transferred every drop of gasoline he could suck from the derelict car into his own vehicle, then he slid into the front seat and turned the key.

The old car roared to life and the alleyway echoed with the thunderous sound of the idling V8 engine. The vehicle slowly rolled out of the alleyway and onto the street, heading in the direction of the highway. The CB radio buzzed and hummed as Dustin scanned through the frequencies. Most of the channels were either dead or locked on a looping emergency recording.

"If... can hear this... come... Northwood highschool... we have... and safety..."


He stopped scanning and listened to the broken message as the highway came into sight up ahead. Northwood highschool? That was good enough for him. Dustin had been on the road alone for far too long. He unfolded a map against the steering wheel. Northwood wasn't far. He could be there in a matter of hours. Luckily most of the roads were relatively clear for travel. After the outbreak began and the panic set in, people were racing to get from one place to another. As if somehow they'd be safe. Once things settled down, FEMA and the military continued to mobilize all across the country. Their convoys pushed anything that got in their way right off the roads. He put his foot to the floor and the car took off like a rocket onto the highway.

Two armed men stood guard at the front gate, eyeing the car cautiously as it rumbled up the driveway. Dustin turned the engine off and stepped out.

"Welcome to Northwood Highschool!" A woman in her mid thirties appeared atop the steps of the school. She raced down the steps with her hand out. "Hello. My name is Debby. I'm kind of the self appointed welcoming committee here."

"I'm Dustin," he said as he shook her hand.

"Okay, let's get stated! Best not waste the gas so your car will be pushed around the back to the garage while I show you around." She beckoned Dustin to follow her. "Don't worry about your car. I promise you it'll be safe," she said, noticing the pained look on his face as the black sedan disappeared around the corner of the building. She let him into the main hall and stopped at a pair of large whiteboards.

On one board was a drawing of the building's layout:

And on the other board was a list of rules, it read:

"Here is a map of the school and a short rundown of the two most important rules we have to live by. We all have to pull our weight and try to get along or this place won't last very long. We have a total of twenty-seven people here. I can take you for a walk around the school if you like, though we find most newbies prefer to get a lay of the land on their own. There's a lot going on around here so it can be pretty overwhelming for those who have been out there alone for long periods of time."

"I've been driving for hours so I could use a hot shower and a bit of rest."

"No problem. Feel free to pick a bed upstairs. Any bed that doesn't have any sheets already fitted is up for grabs. You can find all the bedding you need in the bedroom cupboards and there are heaps of fresh towels in the locker room. Just take your time to settle in; there's no rush."

"Thanks, Debby."

"If you need anything at all just let me know! I'll introduce you to our community founders tomorrow. They were the ones that started taking people in and are really the closest thing we have to official leaders." She left Dustin to his own devices and disappeared into one of the offices.

Dustin glanced at the map and then headed straight down the hall to the showers. The white tiles on the floor and walls of the locker room gleamed brightly and the wooden benches looked recently varnished. He couldn't believe the time and effort they must have put into keeping the school looking so pristine. You would never have thought that a few years earlier a group of senior jocks were more than likely taking in turns to fuck a freshman against the clean blue lockers. He sat on the bench and stretched his legs out. Damn, I'm so tired.

He unlaced his shoes and kicked them off. A pair of worn blue jeans found their way to the floor as he began to strip off, followed by a dirty grey t-shirt. The twenty-eight year old's body was slender with a subtle hint of muscle tone. He was no triathlete but years of running from infected and hostile Humans did have the tendency to keep a guy reasonably fit. His feet hit the cold tiles and he stood up to pile his clothes in a neat stack on the end. Finally he pushed out of his underwear and dropped them on the stack.

The entire school brought back memories of his teenage years in highschool, but the memories brought back by being in the locker room were easily the strongest. He had had some enjoyable times in his school's locker room. The large open style showers were like his personal fantasy land; what more could a gay teenager want in life than to shower with a dozen other boys? He had joined the school swim team for that very reason. He let out a sigh and stepped up to the faucet in the centre of the shower.

Jets of warm water blasted him in the face. He couldn't help but laugh in an almost hysterical way. It felt so good. He ran his hand through his Mohawk, letting the water rinse all the grime and grit from his hair, then squeezed out a huge handful of liquid soap from the dispenser on the wall and began to lather his body. He covered every inch of his body in the soap; from head to toe he didn't miss a spot. He closed his eyes and let the water rinse the foam from his skin.

"New meat," said a voice from the doorway.

Dustin's eyes shot open and he turned his head to see a man strut into the locker room.

"So you're the new guy," the man said as he unbuttoned his dirty blue overalls and peeled them from his body. He was big and muscular. "That's some old car you have out there. What's it got, a 440?"

"Uh, yeah," Dustin replied, watching the guy free his body from the confines of the thick denim. He wore nothing but a pair of black briefs under the overalls, containing a bulge that Dustin couldn't take his eyes off.

"I'm Karl. I work in the garage," he said as the briefs slid down his legs.

Dustin was transfixed on the piece of meat Karl had hanging between his legs. The way it swung from side to side as Karl walked across the room and to the shower beside Dustin made his legs weak. Finally he blurted out, "I'm Dustin."

Karl faced him no more than a foot away and held out a hand. "Welcome to Northwood."

Dustin accepted the handshake but couldn't stop his eyes from blatantly darting down to Karl's manhood. No. No! Down. Stay down! Dustin fought himself, trying to stop his own member twitching. He couldn't fight against that. he just wasn't strong enough. After that first look at Karl it was already over. His cock had a mind of its own. It twitched and grew, and to Dustin's dismay his erection was quickly standing hard. Something Dustin learned as a teenager was that if you get horny during a shower with others there is no way to hide it. So you have to 'own it'.

"Sorry," Dustin said sheepishly looking down at his erection. "It's been a while since I've had, uh, seen something as impressive as that."

Karl grinned. "You like cock, then? You're welcome to take a closer look."

Dustin swallowed, trying to dislodge the lump in his throat. The sight of this big muscly guy's dick was almost too much to bare. Calm down. Easy. Relax. His mind raced and he begged himself to take it easy. Act cool. Don't be such a horny schoolboy. For God sake, Dustin, you're almost thirty and you're acting like this? Though, to be fair, it had been a long time since Dustin had been with anyone let alone such a specimen.

"Come on, don't be shy," Karl said, taking a step closer. "I won't bite."

He won't bite? No, but I just might! Jesus, Dustin. Oh, what the hell! Dustin closed the gap between them and put his hand around Karl's shaft. It was hot. Hot like a piece of steel that had just come out of a smelter. He gripped it tightly and let the warmth spread to his hand. He could feel the veins throb with blood as it hardened in his palm.

"I think he likes you," Karl said with a very subtle grin. He stepped forward and teasingly pushed himself against Dustin's hand.

Dustin squeezed it and twisted it in his hand. Come on, Dustin. You know what you want to do with this. He took a short breath and dropped to his knees. Without further pause he licked the head of Karl's cock. Then he licked the underside, and every other piece of skin he could get his tongue onto. He threw his mouth around the thick length and took as much of it into his mouth as he could. With a thrust forward and a thrust back, he started a rhythm that forced Karl to fall back against the tile wall.

Oh, fuck. This is so good, Dustin thought as he sucked the big man.

"Hey, hey, hey," Karl said, pulling his cock from Dustin's mouth. Without a word he tilted his head towards the wooden bench in the centre of the locker room, and pulled Dustin to his feet. It was clear what he wanted, and Dustin wanted it too. Perhaps more.

Dustin straddled the bench and collapsed to his stomach as Karl wasted no time in taking a position behind him. Dustin did have a nice ass so it's no wonder Karl wanted to get in there so desperately.

"I should warn you; I like it rough," Karl said. With a palm full of saliva he slickened the end of his cock. He grabbed Dustin's asscheeks in each hand and squeezed them tightly, spreading them wide.

"So do I," Dustin replied, waiting for the assault to begin.

Karl pushed the slippery head of his cock against Dustin' asshole, gently enough to work him open, then pulled away. He pushed again, then pulled away. Each time he made it a little further inside, until the head of his cock disappeared. Teasingly, he pulled away again.

"Oh, please just fuck me," Dustin said, trying to push his body back onto Karl's length.

"You are an eager one." Karl pushed once more and his shaft began to slide into Dustin, and he didn't stop pushing until his entire length was inside. Once he hit his hilt against Dustin's ass he started thrusting. He pulled out and slammed back in. Again and again.

Dustin held the edge of the wooden bench to stop from falling off it as the ass-fucking intensified. With every thrust he pushed back onto Karl even harder. His own cock was so hard it hurt as it was sandwiched between his stomach and the bench.  He could feel the head of Karl's cock smash against his prostate.

"Oh... God..." Dustin said with a moan. He had never been fucked quite like this.

"How's that feel? You like that?"


"Get ready," Karl groaned. He was reaching his climax. He moved faster and tried to go harder, but it was ramming Dustin's ass just about as hard as he could. He gripped Dustin's hips tightly and pulled him back and forth with his thrusts.

"Oh, fuck!" Dustin's cock exploded, shooting thick ropes of cum all over the bench beneath him.

Karl pushed him down, still slamming into him, until his body finally shuddered at the arrival of his orgasm. His cock blew like a fire hose inside Dustin and he collapsed onto him. He writhed on top of him for a moment, still trying to empty all he had into him.

"That... was...great," Karl said while trying to catch his breath. His cock softened enough to slip out of Dustin's asshole, twitching and dripping cum everywhere. He lay on top of Dustin for about ten minutes as they relaxed, and eventually they pulled themselves to their feet to wash off.

Karl threw his towel into a large basket market 'dirty', and Dustin followed suit. As he went to pick up his clothes he was stopped by a strong hand on his shoulder.

"No need to put those dirty clothes back on until they've been cleaned. If there's one thing this school has plenty of it's tracksuits." Karl opened a cupboard by the door that was crammed full of red and blue pants and jackets. "I think a size small would look hot on you," he said as he tossed a pair of red tracksuit pants and a jacket to Dustin. Dustin got dressed and Karl was right; the tight tracksuit did look hot on him.

AusyAndy's Stories / ~ Welcome! ~
« on: December 28, 2017, 02:30:37 PM »

Welcome to my very own COCK-obsessed haven!

In this section I will post the many stories I have going. Most are considered Woks-In-Progress, and should hopefully be updated from time to time. I have a habit of starting more stories than I could ever hope to continue (let alone complete) so please bare in mind some of these works may not really get anywhere.

(WiP) Dead Island: Welcome To Paradise!

(WiP) Welcome to Northwood: Years after a virus ravages the globe, Dustin ends his solo drifting days on the road when he joins a community or survivors taking refuge in a highschool.

(WiP) Commonwealth Vault-Boy

Welcome to AKESH is a fantasy world I began creating a while back, filled with sex!

(These are being safeguarded by our top men; though those men are probably fucking each other at the moment!)

Breaking Butch (Fallout 3 - M/M - (inactive) Drake Winchester always had an eye for Vault 101's resident bully, Butch DeLoria. Dominating the bully takes up his thoughts, until his fantasy becomes reality.

Marcus West, Tomb Raider (Adventure - M/M Sex - OLD (inactive) Lara Croft has nothing on this treasure hunter. Much more than a hunk with a history and archaeological fetish, Marcus West travels the world to uncover valuable relics of the past.
Marcus West's Sexual Escapades: The Pharaoh's Phallus

Harsh Survival (Fallout 3 - M/M Sex - OLD (inactive) Hawkeye West travels the D.C. Wasteland, with one goal: To accumulate enough currency and supplies to leave D.C. with his partner, Ashton.

Survivors (Post-Apocalyptic - M/M Sex - OLD (inactive) In a post-apocalyptic world, two men prowl the dark, dead streets in their hell-born rig of destruction, working for the survival and future of their group.

Tamrielic Sexcapades (TES: Skyrim - Explicit M/M Sex - One-Shot Stories) Hawkeye is a rather promiscuous Imperial man living in the small town of Riverwood. Riverwood may by a tiny town, but it gets its fair share of visitors, with travellers and residents of every race. In a series of One-Shot stories, Hawkeye has sexual encounters with someone of each of Tamriel's races.

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