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Off Topic / Re: Lurker's Lair
« on: January 24, 2018, 10:33:40 PM »
I lurk-post
Post-lurking me
The HoT is a family
With this lurk-post
You can see it's true
Won't you lurk-post with me too

* lurk *

Off Topic / Re: Lurker's Lair
« on: January 24, 2018, 08:11:19 AM »
That was a reference to Metallica's " For Whom the Bell Tolls. " In particular, this part.

Men of five
Still alive
Through the raging glow
Gone insane
From the pain
That they surely know

For whom the bell tolls
Time marches on
For whom the bell tolls

* lurk *

Off Topic / Re: Lurker's Lair
« on: January 24, 2018, 12:24:40 AM »
Lurker, you just don't realize what you post for me.

Time to metal this up.

Lurkers five
In a hive
Where they lurk-post
Let us frame
Our little game
With our gracious host

In the Lurker's Lair
Posting goes on
In the Lurker's Lair

* lurk *

Off Topic / Re: Lurker's Lair
« on: January 23, 2018, 11:10:46 AM »
I still need to look into the expansion stuff in FO4. All I've done was just make sure it worked. I've been focused on my Switch this whole time.

* lurk *

Off Topic / Re: Lurker's Lair
« on: January 22, 2018, 10:42:05 PM »
Made a new friend on Deviant Art of all places. Never saw that coming.

Just a lurker in a lurk land.

* lurk *

Darkened Angel's Stories / Prison of Silk
« on: January 22, 2018, 06:28:13 AM »
It was a typical day in town. The tavern was filled with the usual crowd of patrons, half of them drunk, the other half getting there. Aurora, the elven beauty known by the regulars as the main attraction, was performing a sensual dance for the viewing pleasure of the patrons on the small stage at the end of the floor. Her movements flowed with the rhythm of the music provided by the bard, sitting at the edge of the stage and leaning against the wall as he masterfully plucked the strings of his lute. Her beauty was on display in a dancer's outfit. Her top barely covered more than her breasts, accented with gilded designs to give the apperance of a harem dancer. The skirt was barely more than a veil attached to the front and back of of a pair of underwear, similarly designed to match the top. Her sandals and bracelets completed the look, letting the drunken patrons see a harem girl dancing just for them as they continued to spend their gold at the tavern.

Just a short walk down the street from the tavern, Wendy, a member of a troupe of entertainers, was putting on a show for a crowd of her own. The kingdom was bustling with merchants, and both buyers and sellers of all sorts of goods were coming and going through town, making the corner of the marketplace a perfect spot to draw in a number of people as they passed by. The troupe was currently facing problems with debt. Their leader, an aspiring singer, was conned by a sly cutthroat, taking advantage of them being from out of town to get them into a business deal that left them owing more than they were earning. Wendy, along with some other girls in the troupe, had to resort to desperate measures. She was out on the corner, her breasts exposed to the world, only wearing a skimpy skirt, belly chain, and a few other pieces of jewelry typical of a dancer, trying to bring in some extra gold in the hopes that the troupe could finally pay off its debt and move on.

Such was typical for many in the kingdom. Whether you were rich or poor, on the seedier streets or the in heart of the upscale shops and houses, things were mostly the same. The nobility prospered on the backs of everyone else. It didn't matter who you were or what you did for a living. You ultimately served a lord or lady of high standing, who enjoyed the only real luxury of the kingdom. Many people were aware of this fact, and some even tried to escape the gilded cage of illusionary prosperity so that they could make something of themselves and be more than just pawns of the crown and other nobles. Some even turned to underhanded dealings, such as the man who conned Wendy's troupe, while others decided that anything was fair game, becoming bandits, highwaymen, and other outlaws. A few, such as the owner of the taven Aurora worked at, kept a mostly honest business going, trying to get by fairly and hoping things would improve.

Aurora and Wendy were good friends, having found common ground and understanding with each other, and they enjoyed each other's company. A number of people that saw them together often times mistook them for sisters, as they were very much alike. They were both dancers, both had beautiful, long, brown hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Of course, that illusion was broken when they noticed Aurora's elven ears, seperating the maiden of the fair folk from her human counterpart. Both women knew of the impression some had, taking advantage of the appeal it gave them to try to put on performances together, but met with little success. The owner of the tavern saw it as gold being lost to competition, and the troupe didn't want to see any gold coming in being split with anyone else, putting the girls in a bad position with their employers.

Threatened with being kept from each other and being punished if they were caught together again, they could only see each other in secret, and as things worsened with each passing day as the once bustling marketplace become more and more of a haven for thieves and conmen, they plotted their escape. They would leave town after making some excuse, wait for each other at a chosen location, and once together, they would flee the kingdom, hoping to find a better life together elsewhere. When the next day came, they did as they had planned. During the early hours of the day, when business hadn't picked up yet, Aurora left the tavern, claiming to have a friend looking for work and needing to see if she had come into town yet. Wendy convinced her troupe to let her try to bring some people from another part in town to come see their performance, and disappeared through the streets in the distance.

Aurora was waiting in the nearby forest outside of town, hiding behind a few trees and watching out for anyone wandering around. Besides a few hunters and foragers passing through the area, it was safe. Before too long, Wendy entered the forest, looking around to make sure it was clear before approaching where they were to meet, smiling as she saw Aurora was already there. Both of them had brought a few supplies, enough to provide everything they'd need to last for a few days of travel. It would be more than enough to last them for the journey across the kingdom border. They didn't care where they ended up, so long as they could just make it there. Worst came to worst, they'd just find a way to move again.

Their journey started, the girls were already much happier, finally free of the decline of the kingdom they called home for so long. With Aurora's affinity for nature, and Wendy's memory of where her troupe had been throughout the kingdom, they were able to find their way and top off their supplies with fresh fruits and water. Once they got closer to the edge of the kingdom, they noticed a gradual shift in scenery. The lush flora of the land started to make way for more sandy terrain, as they were heading in the direction of a neighboring desert. Realizing it would possibly be their last chance to do so, they took a break at a small lake nearby, disrobed, and bathed in the water.

Aurora admired Wendy's natural beauty, and the feeling was mutual. They cuddled together as they relaxed in the water, playfully flirting and giggling with each other. The desire for each other was too great to ignore in such a perfect moment, but as they were just about to share a moment of passion, they heard the sound of someone approaching. Turning back towards the land, they saw their clothes missing, and a number of bandits, consisting of a few orcs, humans, and elves, standing over them. One of the men stepped closer, motioning for them to come towards the group.

" Alright, get up, you two. Don't give us any trouble and this will go nice and smooth. " he said. His voice was oddly calm for such a rough-looking rogue, a scar across an eye and the stubble of a man who hadn't shaven in a few days. " Nice and slow, and no trying to run. Alandryn here's an amazing shot, and I'd hate to damage the goods. " he gestured to one of the others that was holding a bow and arrow, ready to act at a moment's notice. Some of the others looked on with expressions ranging from eager to a calm, professional, business-as-usual neutral. With the bandits between the girls and their only escape route, they had no choice, and complied with the demand, slowing rising from the water and stepping onto the dry land.

The man smiled as the girls obeyed, looking over their naked bodies with obvious pleasure. " Yes, very nice. We'll get good coin for the likes of you two. " he stated, then turned his back to them and walked towards his cohorts, raising a hand and snapping his fingers. In response, one of the orcs approached the girls, holding out open collars to both of them, dangling them from his hands by their chain leashes.

" Put on. " he said. " Girls prisoners. We take. " His words were primitive, but it was clear he knew enough to communicate verbally. Aurora and Wendy took the collars held out before them.

" A little help? " Aurora asked, turning towards the human woman. She gave her the collar, then put her hands to her head, holding her hair up and out of the way as Wendy closed the metal object around her neck. Returning the favor, Aurora put the other collar on Wendy. Afterwards, they both turned back towards their captors. One of the other humans walked up to them, first to Wendy, moving behind her and grabbing her arms, tying them together behind her back, then to Aurora to do the same.

" What clothes? So little. Torn? " one of the orcs asked, looking through their belongings, holding Aurora's top out and looking at it in confusion.

" They're dancers, Grogar. Dancers. Move for pleasure. Men like. Makes us feel good to watch them. " another of the men answered the orc's inquiry.

" Forgive them. " the leader said, looking to the women. " Our orcish friends are from the outlands and still don't understand our language or some of our finer customs, but they mean well. " He then laughed, followed by some of the others, then returned to a serious look and tone. " Alright, enough fooling around. Let's get these two moving. I want to get paid before nightfall. " A gentle tug from the leashes was all the girls needed to start walking towards the others, following behind the orc holding them.

The rest of the day was spent walking across the border and into the desert region, entering the neighboring kingdom. They passed by a few travellers, but nobody seemed to pay any mind to anyone. It was quickly apparent to Aurora and Wendy that slavery was normal in this kingdom, and they soon realized they may have made a terrible mistake. If they hadn't been captured by the bandits, they were likely bound to be taken by someone else. They weren't fighters at all, and in their haste to leave their home kingdom, had no means to deal with anyone that turned hostile, which left them completely vulnerable, their current state of being captives of their current company proving as much.

The orc, Grogar, continued to look through the supplies he was carrying, asking questions about everything he didn't understand. It annoyed one of the men enough to the point of taking them from him and carrying them himself, causing laughter among a couple of them, to the orc's disappointment. " Relax, Grogar. I'll explain everything to you once we see what their stuff is all worth. " one of them said.

In time, they finally reached their destination, an outpost of some kind, guards flanking the entrance. " Ah, Black Dagger, more merchandise to sell, yes? " one of them asked, looking at the group's leader. A confirming nod was all he needed, holding an arm out beyond the entrance, a welcoming gesture and smile, indicating that the man and his companions were well-known. The group continued inside. The desert sand giving way to carved paths, the first sign of a civilized domain since they entered the desert. Further beyond the entrance, there were a number of simple buildings, stalls, and various people walking about, talking and doing business with one another.

The girls were led beyond the market area and down underground into what appeared to be a large dungeon. Several torches and candles were on the walls and a number of tables, keeping it illuminated enough to easily forget it was underground. A man approached as the group walked towards him and a few others nearby. " Black Dagger! A pleasure to see you again, old friend. " He paused, quickly noticing the naked, bound captives in the group's company. " I see you've brought me a couple of beauties. I know you're a busy man, so let's get down to it. "

It was hard for Aurora and Wendy to make much out of the man as he approached them. Other than a clean-shaven, friendly face, his features were concealed behind loose robes, fitting attire for someone working in an outpost in the desert, like many others they saw just moments ago. " The fair maiden is definitely an exotic one in this region. She can bring in a few thousand for me. " he said, looking over every inch of Aurora's body. He then turned his attention to Wendy, looking her up and down. " This one's very pretty as well. Might not have the appeal of being exotic, but I can probably still get a couple thousand, maybe one or two less than the elf. I'll give you a good cut of three thousand for the both of them. "

The man and the one called Black Dagger haggled for a bit, throwing numbers back and forth before finally coming to an agreement. " Alright, alright. I'm pretty confident they'll sell for a high price, so five thousand it is. Having such beauties auctioned on my block would help promote business and get more merchandise coming my way, so it's worth it in the end. " the man explained, shaking Black Dagger's hand and then filling up a sack of gold coins before giving it to him. The collars were removed from the girls and their arms were freed, before being guided into a vacant cell in the dungeon towards the back, away from the business section near the front. The cell contained a large straw bed and some shelves on the wall, empty except for a few cups and bowls.

Later, as the sun began to set, the girls were properly inspected. The dungeon master, along with a pair of guards, entered their cell. It was explained to them what was going to happen. They were going to be sold at a slave auction in several days, when a lot of wealthy men and agents acting on their behalf would be coming to the outpost, looking for all the best wares they had to offer. Aurora got down on her knees, putting her hands together and looked up towards the man, pleading with him. " Please, Sir... Sell us together. I'll do anything you ask if you'll just not sell us to different people. " The main raised an eyebrow, intrigued by the proposal.

" Yes, please, keep us together. I'll do as you wish as well. " Wendy said, begging him for it alongside her companion. " We'll even put ourselves on display to help raise our price at auction. " Aurora turned to the woman, then back to the man, nodding in agreement. The dungeon master remained quiet for a moment, looking between them, seeing the desperation in their eyes.

" Very well. But I'm not waiting until the auction. You're going to have to prove you sincerity starting now. Until the day of auction, you belong to me, and you'll serve me and my guards. Show me what you're capable of, and that you're truly worth the fortune you're both going to be going for so that someone will want to buy you both together, and I will sell you as a pair. However, if I'm displeased with either of you, you'll both be severely punished, and when it's time for the auction, you'll have to hope whoever buys one of you also wants the other. I'm not selling a pair together that isn't worth the trouble. " he explained. Both girls bowed their heads, thanking him.

Over the course of the next few days, Aurora and Wendy had earned the favor of the dungeon master and the guards, making good on their promises of obedience. They served food and drink to everyone, the men pleased with being attended to by beautiful, naked women that seemed only happy to do so. It also lessened the workload, as they made sure the other captives that would soon be sold as slaves got their food as well. During breaks for some of the guards, they danced together for them, giving them a show as they relaxed, watching the girls with lustful gazes. Getting in the good graces of their captors, their efforts were rewarded. They were given a few soft blankets to make their bedding more comfortable, they were allowed to freely come and go out of their cell so long as they stayed within sight of the guards, and the dungeon master enjoyed their company during meals.

Just a few days before the slave auction, word came that a special visitor had arrived. The dungeon master ordered the women to put themselves on display and be on their best behavior. The visitor's shadow covered the wall as the sound of someone descending the stairs into the dungeon could be heard. The man seemed anxious, indicating that whoever it was must be very important. The figure entered, with the dungeon master taking position in front of the girls, one on each side and behind him. He smiled warmly. " Welcome, Lady Fierceblade. I wish I had more time to give you a proper welcome. I would have gotten a feast prepared. I know Lord Fargo's palace is quite far from here. "

The figure, now completely visible, was covered in a fully concealing cloak, hood up, with only a pair of sandals visible touching the floor, giving the only hint of a person underneath. Raising her hands to her hood and lowering it down, Lady Fierceblade revealed her face to the dungeon master and the girls. " My Lord received word that you acquired some rather exquisite ones recently. " She looked at Aurora and Wendy, then back to the man. " Are these them? Why aren't they in cells? "

" Yes, these fine beauties are the new arrivals, and they've been on very good behavior. They've been serving me and my men to prove their worth their price. I plan to sell them together at the auction. They've been very obedient, they know their place, and they dance together wonderfully. I think separating them would be a disservice to their future owner. In fact, I almost hate to sell them now. I've enjoyed their total submission and eagerness to please. I'm sure their future master will greatly appreciate that about them. " the dungeon master answered, giving a slight sigh. " But, business is business. Otherwise, I'd be tempted to keep them myself. "

" I see. My Lord will certainly be interested if they're as you say. " the woman stated, walking towards them, looking them both over. " He sent me here to look over what would be up for offer, and to see if what he heard was true. It appears it is. " Aurora couldn't help but notice the woman's body when her cloak fell open as she turned. She was wearing a breastplate of some kind, along with a skirt that wrapped around her hips and clasped together at the side, where it seemed she would be carrying a sword, but it was missing currently. She had bracers on her arms as well, and the upper parts of her sandals were padded. She was lightly armored, clearly a fighter of some kind. " See something you like, slave? " she asked, looking Aurora right in the eyes, catching the elf by surprise with her keen awareness. " Here. Have a better look. "

Lady Fierceblade reached up to the clasp on cloak and undid it, removing the garment from her body completely. The elven maiden had to admire the woman's body. She was toned, but not muscular, a perfect combination of fitness and feminine beauty, more in line with a dancer or other entertainer than any sort of warrior. What the man called her, and her apparent importance, suggested there was more to her than meets the eye, regardless of whoever Lord Fargo was. It was as if she herself was the cause for concern, not the man that sent her here on his behalf. " Good, this one's definitely too enthralled to want to defy anything. I can see it in her eyes. " she said. Aurora snapped out of looking her over, seeing the woman giving her a smirk, before she went over to Wendy.

" This one's similar. I can see the lust behind her eyes. My Lord will be pleased to know I can handle them easily. " the woman stated, picking up her cloak and putting it back on. " I've seen all I needed, and if what you've said is true, then it's likely I'll return at the auction to buy them. Until then. " she said, giving a slight bow to the dungeon master before taking her leave. The man gave a sigh of relief, as if he was intimidated by her presence the entire time and was doing his best to hide it until she left.

" Alright, that's impressive. That woman still makes me uncomfortable at times, but you seemed to have gained her approval. You don't know how fortunate you two are. Lord Fargo is one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in these lands, and Lady Fierceblade is his most trusted concubine, given the position of head of his harem and her loyalty is unquestioned, his favored companion to act on his behalf when he can't do so himself. To earn her favor is to earn his, and that means very good business for me. " the man said, then smiled at the girls. " You've both been a blessing here. I really hate to have to sell you, but you've convinced me you're worth keeping together. Rest well these last few days. I want you both to do your best to show how valuable you are at the auction. "

The remaining days were spent in what little luxury Aurora and Wendy could be given, so long as they continued to please their captors, but the demands were lighter, as the dungeon master wanted them to have plenty of rest and relaxation before the auction. It afforded them some quiet time together in their cell, and they cuddled together to relax, kissing each other with the kind of love between friends that often turned into moments of heated passion, losing themselves in the comfort they gave one another. The guards watching over them certainly enjoyed the show, but it all came to an end soon after.

The day of the auction had arrived. All the captives were taken from their cells, bound, and escorted to the auction block. A large crowd was gathered in front of it, looking up at the raised platform, watching as all the people that would soon be sold as slaves were lined up. One by one, each of them was bid on, some going for as low as a few hundred pieces of gold, while others reached a couple thousand. Aurora and Wendy were last, having been saved for a grand finale for the sales of the day. " Ladies and gentlemen, our last offering today comes as a pair. This exotic elf and this beauty of a woman are a rare find. Both are well-behaved and obedient, perform very well together, and haven't caused the slightest bit of trouble, the perfect pair of slaves for the owner with no time to break new ones to their will. Let's start the bidding at... eight thousand gold. "

A voice rang out from the crowd, followed by another going one hundred gold higher, then another, and another, until the price went up to ten thousand as the girls put themselves on display, sticking their chests out, smiling at the crowd, and givng a few flirty looks, as if they were eager to be bought. It seemed to be the highest anyone was able to afford, but as the moment of silence passed, there was a sound from the back of the crowd, and the people made way for Lady Fierceblade as she approached the platform, with a treasure chest carried under each arm. " These chests of gold and jewels for the pair. " she loudly declared. She set them down on the platform, turning them towards the dungeon master and opening them. The man bent down and examined their contents, confirming the value of the gold and jewels within.

" A king's ransom for the pair. Does anyone bid more? " the dungeon master asked. The response was only silence. " Sold! " he then called out. The girls were led off the platform, and handed over to Lady Fierceblade, who undid their bindings, before getting between both of them, putting an arm to each one's back and ushering them onward, leading them towards a contraption they've never seen before. Four desert horses, animals adapted to the sandy terrain and heat exposure than the ones from their home kingdom, had a flat platform between them, two were in the front, and the others were on either side at the back. On the platform was what appeared to be a tent to provide shelter for the riders. It was large enough that the three women would fit inside without being cramped.

" Up you go. " Lady Fierceblade said, ushering Wendy up on the platform. A small rope ladder was the only assistance to get up and down it. Once Wendy was on it, Aurora was nudged forward. " And you. " With both slaves aboard, the woman then climbed up herself. " Alright, let's see what we've got in here. You both probably want to get dressed after being kept naked for so long, but that's your choice. The heat out here can be rough for outsiders until they get used to it. Until we arrive at the palace, you're both free to speak. Ask me anything. Just be mindful of one thing. Lord Fargo is your master now, and that makes me your superior, and I will have your respect at all times. I'm allowed to punish you if I think you deserve it until we're there. "

The first thing the girls learned was that Lady Fierceblade's name was actually Sorsha. Fierceblade was a title she earned for her devotion to protecting Lord Fargo's harem. All the girls in the harem loved her for her protective nature and other than always referring to her as a superior, she was very approachable, friendly, and joined many of them during meals, entertainment, and various activities when time allowed. Lord Fargo himself was a handsome young man, having inherited his family's fortune and shown great wisdom with handling it. Good looks and intelligence, along with his wealth, have made him very attractive, and all the girls in his harem lived in luxury, as he had a fondness for beautiful women to surround himself with, only asking for their obedience. He wasn't against punishing any of them when he felt they deserved it, but rarely needed to, as the girls were grateful for the lives they had with him.

Aurora looked through what was available inside the tent, finding a few simple coverings. They were very plain and a little loose. " You'll be fitted for better clothing at the palace. Everything here is just until we can get everything in your specific measurements. Lord Fargo likes us all to have comfort with things tailored to our specific needs. " Sorsha explained. " You've never seen good tailoring until you've seen the clothing he has some of the girls make for everyone. They're probably the best in the world. You've also never eaten a proper meal until you've seen what some of the others can cook. He's got quite the eye for talent and if you've got potential, he'll see it to it that you shine. "

From what Sorsha explained, the girls in the harem were all rare jewels themselves, exceptional women in some way or another. Even if a girl had no remarkable skills, she could still find a place in the harem by helping with chores and making life easier for everyone. It almost seemed like a dream come true, except for the fact that they were enslaved. The journey came to an end shortly after nightfall. The palace was in view, lights within shining through the openings in the walls. " Lady Sorsha, you're back! " a voice called out. A pretty woman ran up to the side of the platform. She had long, black hair, taken great care of as if she was royalty, with a bejewelled headband decorating her lovely locks. She wore what seemed to be a veil wrapped around half her torso, over her chest and leaving the rest exposed, along with a matching skirt, both of which could be seen through, doing nothing to hide her undergarments. Her sandals matched her headband, with the same colored jewels on them.

Once everyone was on the ground, the girl gave Sorsha a hug. " So, these are the new girls? " Sorsha could only smile and nod before the girl walked over to them. " I'm Willa. What are your names? " Aurora and Wendy introduced themselves, the woman smiling back, giggling slightly, clearly excited. " You're going to love it here. When Sorsha came back a few days ago after inspecting what was being auctioned, she told our master about you both. She said the man there said you were really good dancers. Will you teach me? " Sorsha looked on with a smile on her face, her intimidating appearance replaced with one of friendliness and ease.

Willa followed them inside, continuing to ask various questions, a few specifically about Aurora and elves, having only seen the few that were in the harem already, but from different lands. Sorsha had to convince her to go elsewhere so she could see to Aurora and Wendy's particular needs to settle in. They wouldn't be presented to Lord Fargo until their clothing was prepared, so his first view of them would be more pleasing to him. They met some of the other girls as they were shown around, before finally being taken to the ones that would make their new clothes. All of them were dressed similar to Willa, wearing light, very revealing clothing that served to accentuate their beautiful bodies. They were all very friendly as well, perfectly content with their respective places in the harem, surrounded by friends and lovers, as many of them got along very well and shared moments of intimacy together.

It took a couple of days for the clothing to be completed. Aurora and Wendy were each given an assortment of fine silk outfits, jewelry, and sandals, all tailored to fit them perfectly, and placed within their own personal wardrobes, alongside the ones of the other girls that they shared a large bedchamber with. During the time they waited, they got to know the girls they'd be staying with, sharing their origin stories and and how they came to the harem. They had spent time hanging around the central harem chamber connecting all the bedrooms, which served as the main room to socialize and spend their free time if they had nowhere else to be. Willa got her wish and got a few lessons on learning how to dance the way they did, and Sorsha treated them as close friends, just like she did everyone else. Once they were properly dressed, it was time to be presented to the man that was now their master.

Aurora and Wendy stood before Lord Fargo, their new harem clothing putting their beauty on display, and it pleased the man to see them, looking them up and down, knowing they were his. " Very beautiful indeed. They're worth every coin and jewel just to look at like this. You did very well, Sorsha. " he said. The woman gracefully bowed to the man, then took her place beside him where he sat, lounging on some pillows and leaning against his cushioned throne. " Now then, dance for me. Show me what you can do. "

The girls bowed towards him briefly, both saying, " Yes, Master. " to acknowledge his command, and began to dance. They put on their best performance, happy to be in the harem and have such wonderful friends and lovers. They were lost in their sensual movements, grateful to their master for giving them their new lives in this paradise in the desert. They may be slaves, but they were content, and their happiness reflected in their performance, their every motion carrying their gratitude and devotion to Lord Fargo, and he could see it in their dancing. It pleased him greatly. He smiled as he continued to watch their performance, and seeing him delighted with them only made them pour even more of their devotion into it. They had attemped to escape their home kingdom, only to become enslaved in a foreign land, a land they called their new home, bowing to the whims of a man they called their master, and they couldn't be happier.

Off Topic / Re: Lurker's Lair
« on: January 12, 2018, 11:16:44 PM »
Yeah, I put the settlers in uniforms once I have them set so I can keep track of who I still need to mess with. I give them laser rifles that are pretty decent. The problem is, the ones working the crops will try to shoot hostiles through the crops and tear them up. That's why I like having turrets on the outer perimeters.

Of course, with the GotY version and all the expansion content, I can make use of the dirt patches that I can put inside buildings so they won't do that, which is part of that overhaul I'm not sure about. I have a bunch of settlements because I was in the process of trying to get everything and make a connected trade route between them all, but I dunno if it's worth redoing them or just better to start a new game entirely.

* lurk *

Off Topic / Re: Lurker's Lair
« on: January 11, 2018, 10:50:30 PM »
I liked doing some defense tests with some setups where I'd spawn a bunch of feral ghouls and see all the settlers and defenses gun them down.

I tried other things, but any hostile with guns can mess up the turrets, which sucks. It's also how I found out that height didn't matter beyond the roof of a simple building. It doesn't matter if the turret is just on a raised platform or the 10th floor on a massive tower. The range is the same.

* lurk *

Off Topic / Re: Lurker's Lair
« on: January 10, 2018, 12:23:47 AM »
The fate of the entire world rests with you dealing with this very urgent mission, but do you have time to stop and get me a snowcone on the way?

* lurk *

12/12. Genius Level: Einstein.

Just because I know who's who? Being a genius is easy then.


Quizzes and Games / Re: What Is Your Tarot Reader Personality?
« on: January 09, 2018, 08:14:49 AM »
Some of them don't really apply so I just went with what would be closest if they did, and also got Tarot Mystic.

Quizzes and Games / Re: What Tarot Card Are You?
« on: January 09, 2018, 08:10:25 AM »

Quizzes and Games / Re: QUIZ: Uncovering Your Subconscious
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Give it some bogus BS. I gave it " " for the email, then X'd out of it after it tried to proceed. After that, it went away.


Your subconscious is hiding wanderlust! The Tarot reveal that you have a deep impulse to travel, explore, experience new things and meet new people. You may be going on a trip soon, moving, or starting a new job, relationship or adventure. Put simply, the Tarot reveal a lot of movement and change in your life. If you don't see it yet, hold on because it's on its way! If you can afford it, take a trip as soon as possible! If money's tight, try a new bar, hobby, or style. Also, don't hesitate to make friends with someone completely new. You're subconsciously craving new and exciting experiences; trust yourself and enjoy the crazy characters you meet along the way!

Quizzes and Games / Re: Can You Pass a Color Blind Test?
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A couple of them needed a closer look for a second. Kinda funny how a few are shapes but then the rest are just numbers.

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