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Wotan's Journals / Re: The Shezarrine - a Skyrim story
« on: December 13, 2017, 12:30:01 PM »
It was time to seek out the next book of chants. It was South of our home in Falkreath Hold...

It was the first time Mimi saw a dragon. She was quite impressed by her Daddy jumping on the wyrm's neck and whacking it on the head with his axe. My little daughter was even more in awe when I absorbed the dragon's soul and told her she could already do the same.

Our destination lay in the Mountains - Bloodlet Throne...

The girls were given quite a fright when one of the statues suddenly burst to Life - a gargoyle, evidence that we were indeed in a vampire lair.

Incident in Necrom by Jonquilla Bothe
"The situation simply is this," said Phlaxith, his face as chiseled and resolute as any statue. "Everyone knows that the cemetery west of the city is haunted by some malevolent beings, and has been for many years now. The people have come to accept it. They bury their dead by daylight, and are away before Masser and Secunda have risen and the evil comes forth. The only victims to fall prey to the devils within are the very stupid and the outsiders."
"It sounds like a natural solution to filtering out the undesirables then," laughed Nitrah, a tall, middle-aged woman with cold eyes and thin lips. "Where is the gold in saving them?"
"From the Temple. They're re-opening a new monastery near the cemetery, and they need the land cleansed of evil. They're offering a fortune, so I accepted the assignment with the caveat that I could assemble my own team to split the reward. That's why I've sought you each out. From what I've heard, you, Nitrah, are the best bladesman in Morrowind."
Nitrah smiled her unpleasant best.
"And you, Osmic, are a renowned burglar, though never once imprisoned."
The bald-pated young man stammered as if to refute the charges, before grinning back, "I'll get you in where you need to go. But then it's up to you to do what you need to do. I'm no combatter."
"Anything Nitrah and I can't handle, I'm sure Massitha will prove her mettle," Phlaxith said, turning to the fourth member of the party. "She comes on very good references as a sorceress of great power and skill."
Massitha was the picture of innocence, round-faced and wide-eyed. Nitrah and Osmic looked at her uncertainly, particularly watching her fearful expressions as Phlaxith described the nature of the creatures haunting the cemetery. It was obvious she had never faced any adversary other than man and mer before. If she survived, they thought to themselves, it would be very surprising.
As the foursome trudged toward the graveyard at dusk, they took the opportunity to quiz their new teammate.
"Vampires are filthy creatures," said Nitrah. "Disease-ridden, you know. They say off to the west, they'll indiscriminately pass on their curse together with a number of other afflictions. They don't do that here so much, but still you don't want to leave their wounds untreated. I take it you know something of the spells of Restoration if one of us gets bit?"
"I know a little, but I'm no Healer," said Massitha meekly.
"More of a Battlemage?" asked Osmic.
"I can do a little damage if I'm really close, but I'm not very good at that either. I'm more of an illusionist, technically."
Nitrah and Osmic looked at one another with naked concern as they reached the gates of the graveyard. There were moving shadows, stray specters among the wrack and ruins, crumbled paths stacked on top of crumbled paths. It wasn't a maze of a place; it could have been any dilapidated graveyard but even without looking at the tombstones, it did have one very noticeable feature. Filling the horizon was the mausoleum of a minor Cyrodilic official from the 2nd Era, slightly exotic but still harmonizing with the Dunmer graves in a complimentary style called decay.
"It's a surprisingly useful School," whispered Massitha defensively. "You see, it's all concerned with magicka's ability to alter the perception of objects without changing their physical compositions. Removing sensual data, for example, to cast darkness or remove sound or smell from the air. It can help by--"
A red-haired vampire woman leapt out of the shadows in front of them, knocking Phlaxith on his back. Nitrah quickly unsheathed her sword, but Massitha was faster. With a wave of her hand, the creature stopped, frozen, her jaws scant inches from Phlaxith's throat. Phlaxith pulled out his own blade and finished her off.
"That's illusion?" asked Osmic.
"Certainly," smiled Massitha. "Nothing changed in the vampire's form, except its ability to move. Like I said, it's a very useful School."
The four climbed up over the paths to the front gateway to the crypt. Osmic snapped the lock and disassembled the poison trap. The sorceress cast a wave of light down the dust-choked corridors, banishing the shadows and drawing the inhabitants out. Almost immediately they were set on by a pair of vampires, howling and screaming in a frenzy of bloodlust.
The battle was joined, so no sooner were the first two vampires felled than their reinforcements attacked. They were mighty warriors of uncanny strength and endurance, but Massitha's paralysis spell and the weaponry of Phlaxith and Nitrah clove through their ranks. Even Osmic aided the battle.
"They're crazy," gasped Massitha when the fight finally ended and she could catch her breath.
"Quarra, the most savage of the vampire bloodlines," said Phlaxith. "We have to find and exterminate each and every one."
Delving into the crypts, the group hounded out more of the creatures. Though they varied in appearance, each seemed to rely on their strength and claws for attacking, and subtlety did not seem to be the style of any. When the entire mausoleum had been searched and every creature within destroyed, the four finally made their way to the surface. It was only an hour until sunrise.
There was no frenzied scream or howl. Nothing rushed forward towards them. The final attack when it happened was so unlike the others that the questors were taken utterly by surprise.
The ancient creature waited until the four were almost out of the cemetery, talking amiably, making plans for spending their share of the reward. He judged carefully who would be the greatest threat, and then launched himself at the sorceress. Had Phlaxith not turned his attention back from the gate, she would have been ripped to shreds before she had a chance to scream.
The vampire knocked Massitha across a stone, its claws raking across her back, but stopped its assault in order to block a blow from Phlaxith's sword. It accomplished this maneuver in its own brutal way, by tearing the warrior's arm from its socket. Osmic and Nitrah set on it, but they found themselves in a losing battle. Only when Massitha had pulled herself back up from behind the pile of rocks, weak and bleeding, that the fight turned. She cast a magickal ball of flame at the creature, which so enraged it that it turned back to her. Nitrah saw her opening and took it, beheading the vampire with a stroke of her sword.
"So you do know some spells of destruction, like you said," said Nitrah.
"And a few spells of healing too," she said weakly. "But I can't save Phlaxith."
The warrior died in the bloodied dust before them. The three were quiet as they traveled across the dawn-lit countryside back toward Necrom. Massitha felt the throb of pain on her back intensify as they walked and then a gradual numbness like ice spread through her body.
"I need to go to a healer and see if I've been diseased," she said as they reached the city.
"Meet us at the Moth and Fire tomorrow morning," said Nitrah. "We'll go to the Temple and get our reward and split it there."
Three hours later, Osmic and Nitrah sat in their room at the tavern, happily counting and recounting the gold marks. Split three ways, it was a very comfortable sum.
"What if the healers can't do anything for Massitha?" smiled Osmic dreamily. "Some diseases can be insidious."
"Did you hear something in the hall?" asked Nitrah quickly, but when she looked, there was no one there. She returned, shutting the door behind her. "I'm sure Massitha will survive if she went straight to the healer. But we could leave tonight with the gold."
"Let's have one last drink to our poor sorceress," said Osmic, leading Nitrah out of the room toward the stairs down.
Nitrah laughed. "Those spells of illusion won't help her track us down, as useful as she keeps saying they are. Paralysis, light, silence -- not so good when you don't know where to look."
They closed the door behind them.
"Invisibility is another spell of illusion," said Massitha's disembodied voice. The gold on the table rose in the air and vanished from sight as she slipped it into her purse. The door again opened and closed, and all was silent until Osmic and Nitrah returned a few minutes later.

Wotan's Journals / Re: The Shezarrine - a Skyrim story
« on: December 11, 2017, 12:53:49 PM »

Mimi grew quickly, she learned her first spell sooner than my other children.

I had to make an outfit for Mimi... but this day we had some skeevers invading our basement. Lucia likes to come down here and train, too.

Ingredient Classification 1: Rodent Parts by Gargrell Sorick
The fact that one of my Reachman ancestors, Mandaillonan the Marked, was among the first herbalists to accurately brew and successfully extract the beneficial qualities of a rodent instills me with a great sense of pride. This is tempered by her subsequent transformation into a hagraven, and death by Nord axe, but I still boil rodent toes with the knowledge that her concoctions and extracts revealed the finer qualities of vermin. For now, any bile rat or skeever may provide a gift in addition to inferior meat and disease.
Whether you're capturing these pests using traps or a sniffing dog, or hunting them in the wild, any large rodent of Tamriel provides the necessary ingredients for potion creation. Preparation is important, as is the size of your parts; larger skeever parts allow the alchemist to distill more drink than their smaller rat cousins. Although obvious to a simpleton, is is important to administer a swift killing blow before receiving a scratch or a bite, or you may be using your own prey to brew cures to black-heart blight or the droops.
Slicing at the correct point in a rodent's anatomy greatly increases the potency of (and payment for) each part. After death, with the vermin still twitching, sever the ears at the base, digging your knife behind the skull to save as much flapping skin as possible. Slice the feet cleanly off, as this makes rodent toes easier to carry and lessens rotting time. Don't pluck individual whiskers; instead, cut through and skin up and around the nose to keep as many of them intact as possible.
Rodent Ears
The hairless ears of a rat or skeever, individually cut from the skull quickly, just after death.
Proven Benefits (in Alchemy):
Fortifies your spell casting and constitution.
Bolsters your armor while combat rages and your prowess while wounding a foe through armor.
Conjures a protective ward and a mystic bolt to penetrate the enemy.
Conjures a protective ward and a magical immunity about your being.
Rodent Whiskers
The thick black strands form the snout of a rodent, wiry and still rooted to the face.
Proven Benefits (in Alchemy):
Fortifies your vitality and your spell casting.
Bolsters your armor and the damage you inflict while combat rages.
Conjures a protective ward, a mystic bolt to penetrate the enemy, and a magical immunity about your being.-Augments your abilities to move with the shadows and your senses to spot those silently creeping.
Rodent Toes
Carefully cut feet, allowing individual toes to be separated later as increases in potency are needed.
Proven Benefits (in Alchemy):
Fortifies your vitality and your constitution.
Fortifies your vitality, your spell casting, and your constitution.
Bolsters your prowess while wounding a foe through armor and the damage you inflict.
Bolsters your armor while combat rages, your prowess while wounding a foe through armor, and the damage you inflict.

Dragonstead still had a few secrets - for instance the hidden armoury. I showed it to Vilja, Mirai and my girls. It seemed to impres them, though the Place was mostly empty. It would take quite some work to fill it with weapons and armour.

Of course, a good Life cannot just be toil and work. Lakeview is the perfect place where my family can relax. The little girls swim like fish. It's really just Mirai who has a problem, she's not a good swimmer, but she likes the relaxing bath. I told her not to worry about it, there is no need for her to know how to dive. Skyrim's Waters are too cold for her anyway.

Wotan's Journals / Re: The Shezarrine - a Skyrim story
« on: December 10, 2017, 09:19:07 AM »

"Look, Papa! I made a new friend," Lucia said. "A fox?" "Coul I keep him? Please?" she said. I looked at Vilja, then at my adoptive daughter. I just couldn't resist those big, pleading eyes looking at me. "All right. But you're responsible for him," I said. "You're the best! Thanks!"
"I'm just a bit curious. Tell me, when did you realize that I was more than a friend to you... that you were in love with me?" Vilja said. "It was love at first sight... well, almost," I said. "It was? Oh... I had no idea! To be honest, at that point I was worried that you just saw me as a burden you wanted to get rid of as soon as possible. But then you helped me find Eldergleam Sanctuary... and to find all the ingredients. And you helped me get my flute back. I realized that you were a real friend, and that maybe you actually... cared for me. I couldn't imagine that you were in love with me, though. And at that point. I don't think I was in love with you, either. Strangely, I think it started to dawn on me when we met Halvdan in Riften. I looked at him, and he was everything I did NOT want. And then I looked at you..." "Yes...?" "I looked at you... and it was like I saw you for the first time. Your beautiful eyes, the warmth of your smile. And I realized that not all Nord men are like Halvdan... that they can also be tender, caring and loveable, like you... That evening, I couldn't stop looking at you, wondering what it would be like to be loved by you. But I didn't expect that you would feel the same," she said. "So that was when you realized you loved me?" "No... not really. I knew that you were special to me, that you meant more to me than anyone else. And I also knew that I found you very attractive. But I was still mistaking it for friendship. I think it was only when Wilbert suggested that I should come with him yo Cyrodiil that this might be more than so... You see, it didn't matter that I had dreamed of becoming a bard... suddenly, all that mattered was that I wanted to stay here, with you... And I was so happy when you asked me not to leave." "I never thought of asking you to leave!" I said. "I'm so glad for this. And I hope you have never regretted that you asked me to stay, either." "Of course I am happy that you are here!" "Good... because if you didn't want me around, I surely wouldn't stay," Vilja said.

"You know, I'm really proud of that Wolfcry armour I made for you. I was just thinking... Wouldn't it be nice if we had one outfit each?" Vilja said. "Lovely idea!" I said. "Yes, I just knew you would say so! So, if you get me some more wolf pelts, I'll make another outfit, for me. And, you know what? If you could give me say ten wolf pelts, I think I could make some extra things for us both. You know, boots and stuff," she said.

I went hunting with Leifur...

Vilja displayed remarkable skill again, not just in the speed she finished the outfits but in the quality as well. I would just need to do some minor work on them to make everything perfect. Later, that evening, Vilja went into labor...

Poor girl, she was so exhausted that she fell asleep.

An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim by Marcius Carvain, Viscount Bruma
Far too often, noble visitors from Cyrodiil see little more of Skyrim than the view from their carriage. To be sure, this coarse, uncivilized province is far from hospitable, but it is also a place of fierce, wild beauty, with grand vistas and inspiring natural wonders awaiting those with the will to seek them out and the refinement to truly appreciate them. If you are of a mind to see Skyrim for yourself, I recommend beginning your adventure as I did, by seeking out Stones of Fate.
No doubt you are taken aback by the name, as I once was. The provincials and village folk have all manner of dark tales about these ancient monuments. Stories of necromantic rituals and fell spirits, of great and terrible powers conferred on any who dare to touch them.
The stories are, as Jarl Igrof once told me, "A load of mammoth dung." A bit uncouth, but you get the point.
To be sure, keep your guards with you at all times - brigands and wild animals are never to be taken lightly. But the stones themselves are nothing to fear. Quite the contrary, their proximity to cities and roads makes them ideal destinations for the novice explorer, and many boast spectacular views that make the journey well worth the effort.
To whet your appetite, here are four such locations:
Most travelers enter Skyrim by way of Helgen, "Gateway to the North." If you find yourself in this backwater hovel, consider taking an afternoon's ride to the north, keeping to the road as it winds down the cliffs at the eastern end of Lake Ilinalta. Just off the path, on a small bluff, lie the three Guardian Stones, the greatest concentration of standing stones in all Skyrim. The view of the lake here at sunset is simply sublime.
Visitors from Cheydinhal will pass through Riften, city of intrigue and larceny since Tiber Septim's day. If you seek adventure in the Rift, leave the city by the southern gate and cast your gaze upon the bluff that rises to the south. Atop it sits the Shadow Stone, a fitting symbol for the city of thieves.
Whiterun is the heart of Skyrim, its towering palace rivaling even the great castles of Cyrodiil. But should you tire of the Jarl's hospitality, another adventure awaits a few hours to the east of the city, along the road that rises above White River Gorge. The Ritual Stone can be found atop the lone hill that rises on the north side of the road, set into an ancient monument. Take time to soak in the incredible view of Whiterun, the tundra, and the gorge from this unique spot.
More seasoned explorers may wish to visit Markarth, the ancient city of stone far to the west. The recent Forsworn Rebellion has made travel in the Reach perilous, but for those determined to seek adventure no matter the cost, another stone can be found to the east of the city, perched on the mountain above Kolskeggr Mine. Though the climb is difficult, reaching the summit is a milestone any explorer could be proud of.
There are other Stones of Fate to be found in Skyrim - I myself have seen several more, perched on the most remote mountain peaks, or wreathed in fog amid the northern marshes. But the true joy of exploration is in the discovery, and so I leave the rest to you. May the Eight guide your steps.

It was early morning when our daughter was born. Vilja didn't waste any time to begin cleaning the house.

Wotan's Journals / Re: The Shezarrine - a Skyrim story
« on: December 09, 2017, 05:27:16 AM »

"Are you serious about me... about us? I mean... do you Think of me as your girlfriend?" Vilja asked. "Of course you are my girlfriend!" I said. "Well, the thing is that I don't feel that I am your girlfriend. You see, in Solstheim we have certan traditions... When a couple is going steady, the girl will traditionally make a special fur armour, the Wolfcry armour, for her loved one. Please don't laugh at me, but I would really, really love to make such an armour for you. Only then, I would feel like your proper girlfriend." "I would love such an outfit." "You would? Oh, you're such a sweetheart! Now, I'll tell you what to do... You have to kill five wolves and bring me their pelts. Then I will make you a Wolfcry armour. And once this armour is ready, then I'll be your proper girlfriend. According to all the old Solstheim traditions," she said.

"Look what I have for you! I have completed the Wolfcry armour, I'm sure you will love it! And now... now I am your proper girlfriend," vilja said.
I was amazed at how quickly she had completed this. And it was of great quality, too. I had to make some minor adjustments to it to make it fit perfectly, but once I had worked on the armour a little at the workbench, it came out perfect.

Wotan's Journals / Re: The Shezarrine - a Skyrim story
« on: December 08, 2017, 12:26:20 PM »
Vilja and her big belly quickly became the focus when she walked into the class...

I hope I'm not neglecting Sofia and Shauna too much, but I can't say no to Vilja.
"Wouldn't it be nice to spend a romantic evening together, you and I? I mean, we could go to an inn, have a nice meal and listen to the bard. And matbe dance a Little on the tables. Oh, scratch that... dancing on tables isn't exactly romantic, is it? But it is fun..." she said. "Let's dine out tonight," I said. "What a Lovely idea! How sweet of you to Think of this. I'm hungry, let's go there immediately."

A Gentleman's Guide to Whiterun by Mikael the Bard
Welcome, good sir, to this indispensible guide. Within these pages, I, your humble author and guide, will describe to you the great city of Whiterun, the Jewel of the North.
Whiterun offers numerous diversions for the man in search of adventure, fortune and companionship, whether for a night or for a lifetime. The city is graced with not one, but two worthy taverns and there are maids and wenches aplenty.
The city is located rather centrally in Skyrim, and this is well, for it is not far from anywhere. Perched high upon a rocky hill, Whiterun dominates the grassy plains that surround it. High wooden walls protect its denizens from the wolves, mammoths, bandits and other dangers lurking beyond.
When you first enter through the city's main gate, you will find yourself in the Plains District. This is so named because it is the lowest of the city's three neighborhoods.
Ah, but here can be found the Bannered Mare, which I count among the finest taverns in all Skyrim. The scenery within is quite compelling, if you have an eye for the fairer sex.
A stout lass named Hulda tends the bar. Don't let that stony Nord exterior fool you, for she is possessed of that same fiery passion that all Nord women try so hard to conceal. Saadia, the barmaid, is an exotic Redguard beauty. She is quite mysterious, and your humble author is determined to learn her secrets.
Outside the Bannered Mare is a modest marketplace, and here is where I found true love. Though I would never deter a fellow hunting hound from the chase - for indeed, why should I author these tomes, if not to provide guidance in this very matter? - I must ask that you do me this one kindness.
Her name is Carlotta Valentia, and she is a magnificent beauty who makes a modest living selling bread and produce in the daylight hours. By the gods, I will make that feisty beauty mine someday!
And of course, there are other services to be found in the Plains district. Belethor's General Goods offers various and sundry wears for the adventurous traveler, and Arcadia's Cauldron offers what tonics and herbs one would expect from an apothecary's shop.
Arcadia herself is an amiable sort. I often visit her to make conversation, as she is a fellow Imperial far from home. She is, however, a bit old for my taste. A gentleman of advanced years might find in her a worthy companion.
Should you need your blade sharpened or your armor hammered, Warmaiden's offers smithing services very near the main gate. The smith is a pretty Imperial named Adrianne Avenicci, but she is married to a great hulking Nord brute named Ulfberth War-Bear.
Adrianne is quite fair, but I should not want to find myself being introduced to the keen edge of that husband's war-axe. If married ladies are your preferred sport, then have at, but don't say that you weren't warned!
Near to the smith is the Drunken Huntsman. Here, some of the wealthier gentlemen gather to share both drink and rumors of the wide world. If you prefer a more distinguished class of company while you sip fine wine, you'll be well at home here.
Of the Wind district I have little to say. Most of the buildings in this second tier of the city are residences, though there is also a Temple of Kynareth and Jorrvaskr, the mead hall of the Companions.
There are some intriguing prospects to be found in the mead hall should you favor a strong and fearless warrior-woman. You will find little game at the temple, however. The priestess, Danica Pure-Spring, is interested almost exclusively in spiritual matters.
At last we come to the Cloud District, exclusive domain of the Jarl's castle. I have had some merry adventures within the stone walls of Dragonsreach, let me tell you. The serving girls are most easily impressed by a well-spoken Imperial. After all, the nights in Skyrim do grow quite cold, if you take my meaning.
And I will not deny that I have visited the town's jail once or twice, which can be found in the lower levels of the palace.
As for the Jarl and his court, take pains to avoid them. I find that they lack any sense of humor or appreciation for the Imperial culture. Besides which, they are all wealthy men and so must be viewed as your most serious competition. These Nords are simple folk, after all, and too easily swayed by the sight of fine clothes and a purse full of septims.
Now I will conclude this work by wishing you great success in your pursuits of women and wine. Spare a moment in your revels to think of me, your humble author, and the risks I have taken to bring you this most thorough report on all thing of interest to the discerning gentleman in the grand city of Whiterun.
Ah, but I will not lie and say that it was all a hardship. After all, who could want to sleep alone in such a cold and hard land as this? Not I!

"Thank you for a Lovely evening. I have enjoyed it so much. I hope we can do it again soon. But right now I am a bit tired," Vilja said. "Let's leave, shall we?" I said. "Of course! Isn't it romantic how Aerin rescued Mjoll outside that ruin and nursed her back to Health? I wonder... would you do the same for me?" "Of course I would." "Oh, sweetheart! I just knew you would say that," Vilja said.

Wotan's Journals / Re: The Shezarrine - a Skyrim story
« on: December 07, 2017, 02:30:57 PM »
The location of the first book of chants was in the neighborhood of our home. We went back to Lakeview and the plan was to set out on the quest the following morning. Vilja would have to stay at home, can't risk a pregnant woman get hurt. But at the breakfast table, Vilja wasn't herself...
"I'm sorry if I'm a bit off today, but I have slept so poorly. I had such a terrible nightmare, you see," she said. "Poor you!" I said. "I dreamt that we were in a fort with undead creatures, fighting for our lives. Just when I thought the battle was over, a huge new crowd arrived, and they were all attacking you! I was stuck in a corner, and I couldn't help you... and my magicka was drained, so I couldn't heal you... They just kept attacking, I screamed and yelled to draw their attention, but they didn't notice... they just kept going for you. You were down on the floor and... and I knew they were going to kill you..." "And then... what happened?" "Then I woke up, and I was crying... I cried my pillow all wet, unable to stop. The dream was so real, you see... I really thought you were dead... that I had lost you for good. And that made me realize something... it made me realize how much you mean to me," Vilja said. "You mean a lot to me, too..." "I have been so silly... When we first met, I kept on whining over that idiot, Halvdan, and how he had wronged me by stealing my flute... And then I kept going on about not believing in love, only in friendship. But, to tell the truth... I DO believe in love. I do believe that... someone... can become so important that a life without this person would be empty and barren. I understood that fully when I woke up crying from my nightmare." "I love you," I said. "And I love you, too. I really do. I understand it now. This is not a young girl's obsession or a romantic dream. This is... this is for real. You and I... we have shared so much already, we have experienced so much together. And I don't think I have ever been as happy before as I have been together with you. At this point, I don't even want to think of what it would be like to live here without you," she said.
I gave Vilja a big hug before we set off, promising we'd be back before she knew it.

The cavern turned out to be a sizeable necromancer lair. It took us a couple of hours before the book of chants finally was found. We made a brief break to eat and drink before returning to Vilja with the good news. The following morning, after breakfast, all of us set out for the Bards College. Wilbert was happy to see us and rewarded our efforts with a pouch of Septims, then he marked down the location of the second book of chants on my map. Vilja was happy to visit the College, she seemed to be getting along very well with Sindra...

Off Topic / Re: Lurker's Lair
« on: December 06, 2017, 02:09:33 PM »
Oh, Vilja. Always up for an adventure - no matter what!

*Funny girl lurk*

Wotan's Journals / Re: The Shezarrine - a Skyrim story
« on: December 06, 2017, 02:05:28 PM »

"You have a mission for Vilja?" I asked. "I take it Vilja has told you about my letter? I have already talked to my superiors and they are willing to let her join the College. But in order to be approved, she must first help us with some interesting research that I am part of," Wilbert said. "Tell me about your research." "How much do you know about Bard Chants? Hmm... probably not a lot, I can see that from the expression in your face. The chants are in a way similar to both spells and shouts. By chanting during a battle, a bard can encourage his allies or even scare the enemies off. Through the chants, a bard will become a valuable asset in any battle. The chanting tradition was once used by bards in other parts of Tamriel, especially among elves. However, during the later eras, since bards got more focused on popular songs and new instruments, the tradition has faded away. Today, only a small clan of Woodelf bards from Valenwood has a true knowledge of how to use the battle-chants in a powerful way. And this Little clan refuses to share their secrets." "Please, continue," I said. "However, some time ago a bard from this clan arrived at the College. He was in bad shape - both wounded and badly poisoned. shortly after his arrival, his condition worsened and he died. When we looked through his luggage, we found a very interesting letter." "Tell me about the letter." "The letter explained why the Woodelf bard had come to Skyrim. He was here in order to search for chanting books with old Skyrim chants that are since long forgotten. The letter even indicated the proposed locations of thse books. And here's where Vilja and you come into the Picture," Wilbert said. "You want us to find the books?" "Exactly. To learn about thse long-lost chants would mean a lot for our research. But, it is a dangerous task. If Vilja, with your help, could track down the books, it would surely earn her the right to be accepted at the College. I'm sure we will also be able to reward you for your efforts. So, what say you? Will you help here?" "Absolutely!" I said. "Good! I knew you wouldn't let Vilja down. I'll mark the location of the first book on your map. Good luck!" Wilbert said. "Oh, this will be fun! Shall we start searching for that book immediately?" Vilja said. "Haha! We could, but you're not coming with is - in your condition!" I said.

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I took Mirai first to Dragonstead where I introduced her to ofia, Shauna, and Anduniel.

"You can understand Dragons?" I said. "What? No! Whatever he was saying sounded normal to me. Could you not understand him...?" Mirai said. "I could, but I'm surprised you can too." "Well I can't. I wouldn't even know how to say hello in Dragon! Like I said, it all sounded normal in my head. Maybe he was using some sort of spell on me, I don't know. Maybe it's something we can ask him about later," she said.

Vilja wanted to visit Whiterun, so we went there.
"There's something I'd like to talk to you about. Have you got a minute?" Vilja said. "For you, always," I smiled. "I have received a letter from Wilbert. He didn't leave for Cyrodiil after all. Instead he has been appointed as a teacher and researcher at the Bards College in Solitude. And, guess what! He writes that he Thinks it is time for me to prove myself to be worthy to join the Bards College, too!" "This has Always been your Dream, right?" "Absolutely! But, don't get me wrong. I don't want to work there. I want to stay with you. But if I am allowed to join the College, I will earn the right to call myself a bard - a real bard. And that has Always been my Dream," she said. "So, how are you to prove yourself worthy?" I wondered. "Wilbert says he has the perfect mission for me. Well, for us, actually, because he seems to Think I will need your help. He wants us to visit him at the College as soon as we can, and there we will receive further instructions. So, as soon as we don't have any other important tasks to do, maybe we could go and talk to him?" Vilja said.

I changed our plans for Vilja. I'm sure Anduniel wouldn't mind to see her bardic friends at the College again and Mirai would just have to be a little patient. She didn't complain about the change of plan, which was a good sign. It was late when we arrived in Solitude. We visited the Winking Skeever and stayed the night. Vilja was wearing a fur brassier when we entered town but, with her constant lactation, she had to  switch often and most of the time she would be topless.

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Her pregnancy gave Vilja a huge appetite. Of course, their first pregancy was Always a surprise for the women, how quickly it progressed and later how quickly the infant grew to a child. The reason behind it - Corprus Disease - it runs in the family ever since the Nerevarine.

I come to you today to discuss corprus. What Lord Fyr likes to call the "divine disease". First off I think that this title is a little misleading, while its effects early on in the process are disease like we all know that diseases can be cured yet there is no cure for corprus. I recently spoke to Lord Fyr about this and he claims he "cured" one outlander who claimed to be Nerevar reborn of all things. When I asked him to demonstrate the potion for me it killed both inmates that he tried it on, therefore I believe the "curing" of this Nerevarine was either a fluke, was completed with the unknown help of the Divine, or a story made up by Divayth to gain attention. It should be noted that corprus can bring on disease such as the blight's many forms yet I do not believe that corprus itself is in fact a disease.
Corprus victims seem to have two paths to take once infected, they either become mindless corprus monsters or they become the powerful servants of Dagoth Ur. I do not know what exactly is required of the victim to not become a mindless zombie nor do I want to know but I would imagine it either has to do with the victims own strength that would allow them to control corprus or some kind of "blessing" from Dagoth Ur. That being said this is how corprus seems to progress. At first it looks similar to a normal disease the victim has corprus growths all over their body and looks heavily diseased. Then the victim either becomes what is known as a "Corprus Stalker" or an "Ash Slave".
Corprus Stalkers look mostly humanoid except for the disgusting corprus growths that cover their skin and are the lowest form of the mindless beast form of corprus.
"Lame Corprus" are poor souls who have been with corprus for a long time. The growths on their body rage out of control making it difficult to move, these same growths also make them incredibly powerful and are very dangerous to the common mer or man.
Ash Slaves are the lowest rank of Dagoth Ur's personal servants. They are covered in corprus and their faces appear to be covered in ash. They have limited magic abilities and can be very dangerous.
The next step in the evolutionary process of one of Ur's servants is the "Ash Zombie". During this faze the Ash Slaves face becomes brittle and falls off leaving a gaping hole. During this time the servant loses its magical ability but gains considerable strength.
Next comes the "Ash Ghoul". After a certain amount of time the corprus inside the Ash Zombie starts to grow a strange tentacle like appendage out of the hole in the zombies face. In this form they gain a consideral amount of magical ability and are also very strong fighters. Some of Dagoth Ur's closest compainions are Ash Ghouls.
The final step would seem to be the "Ascended Sleeper". The tentacle growths inside the ghouls head eventualy completely emerge and a new head is grown where the old one was. These beings are incredibly strong and are the pinicle of what a servant of Dagoth Ur can achieve.
In a seperate catagory from the creatures above are the "Ash Vampires". They are Dagoth Ur's closest kin of old house Dagoth. They share the most of Lorkhan's hearts power with Ur, apparently even if killed they can be brought back to life by Dagoth Ur.
Also of note are "Ash Poets". I am unsure exactly what these creatures are except that they are more of Ur's corprus servents. I have never seen one of these beings nor have I heard any reliable reports, save the name. It is possible that Ash Poet is just another name for the Ascended Sleepers.
Many believe that corprus was created by Dagoth Ur after he gained the power of Lorkhan's heart. I on the other hand think that corprus is in fact the gift/curse of a divine like Divayth would suggest, it is the gift of a true divine, Lorkhan. I think that this is the reason for Ur's unusual connection with Lorkhan's heart.

In 1E 415 Indoril Nerevar and Dumac Dwarfking united their people, the Chimer and the Dwemer, into one powerful nation called Resdayn. However the principal differences between Chimer and Dwemer were too numerous. The construction of the Numidium by Kagrenac and utilization of the Heart of Lorkhan for fueling the Numidium made the two Elven races finally clash in the War of the First Council.
The Dwemer were nigh invulnerable due to their connection with the Heart. However, a clever trick done by Nerevar made him and his small troop able to infiltrate the headquarters of the Dwemer, bested the leaders of the Dwemer, and snatched Kagrenac's Tools. They are the tools used by Kagrenac to tap the divine power of Lorkhan's Heart. According to "Nerevar at Red Mountain", Nerevar summoned Azura, asking what to do with Kagrenac's Tools. She told Nerevar how to use the tools to separate the power of the Heart from the Dwemer people. When Nerevar used the tools, all the Dwemer vanished from mortal world. There are many controversies on this issue, though, and it is not the scope of this section to discuss it. What is important here is according to "Nerevar at Red Mountain" Azura is responsible for the disappearance of the Dwemer.
After the War of the First Council and the death of Indoril Nerevar, the Tribunal used the tools to tap the divine power of Lorkhan and emerged as gods. The Tribunal broke all ties with the three Daedric Princes. Furious by this action, Azura cursed the Tribunal and the rest of the Chimer race. Their skin changed from golden-hue to ash-color, and their eyes turned to the color of fire. From that moment on, they were known as the Dunmer. Azura prophesized that Nerevar would come back to punish the Tribunal - The Nerevarine Prophecies.
Although the Dunmer broke all ties with the three Good Daedra, they still accommodate the ancient worship of the Daedra by stating that the three Good Daedra are the anticipations of the Tribunal. As mentioned above, Azura is the anticipation of Sotha Sil, Boethiah is the anticipation of Almalexia and Mephala is the anticipation of Vivec. Please note that, the term Anticipation is just the political/doctrine term that is used by the Dunmer, as is the term of "Good Daedra". There is no absolute good or evil in the world of The Elder Scrolls.
The book "Azura and the Box" tells of how Azura was tricked by a Dwemer in simple test of "what is in the box?" Being a goddess she knew exactly that there was flower with red petals inside the box; but when the box was opened, there was nothing inside. Azura was furious and according to some this triggered her hatred toward the race.

In 3E 427, the Emperor Uriel Septim VII released a slave with uncertain parents and born on a certain sign, to uncover the prophecies of the Nerevarine. Somehow, Azura blessed this slave and guided his path. After a long perilous journey in Vvardenfell, the slave was acknowledged as the Nerevarine by four Ashlander Tribes and selected as Hortator by Houses Redoran, Hlaalu and Telvanni. With the help of Vivec, he eventually fulfilled the Nerevarine prophecies by destroying Dagoth Ur, the patriarch of resurfacing ancient House Dagoth. The Nerevarine severed Dagoth Ur's connection with the Heart of Lorkhan, effectively destroyed him and the new construct called Akulakhan. With this action, he also removed the blight that had been haunting Vvardenfell settlements for centuries, through the use of Kagrenac's Tools. Unfortunately, severing Dagoth Ur's connection to the heart also severed the connection of the Tribunal to the heart, thus leading to the undoing of their godhood. Azura showed up and congratulated the Nerevarine. More of this is told in the Story of Morrowind.
Shaken by the changing of power in Morrowind and mostly the loss of her godhood, Almalexia loses her sanity kills Sotha Sil. She lured the Nerevarine to the Clockwork City of Sotha Sil in order to finish him there and return as the only god to be able to unite the Dunmer. But, she failed and was killed by the Nerevarine. Azura showed up again after this event, and congratulated the Nerevarine. Some scholars believe that Azura was the mastermind of this undoing of the Tribunal, while the Nerevarine was just a puppet. More of this is told in the Story of Morrowind - Tribunal subsection.
Recently there has been news that the Daedric realm of Azura, Moonshadow is inaccessible. Whether this has to do with the unlawful incidents at Hogithum Hall in the Capital City or mere whim of Azura herself, no one can say. For more information about this unlawful incident please read the Trial of Vivec.
During the Oblivion crisis, Azura was summoned by the Champion of Cyrodiil in her shrine north of Cheydinhal. She asked the champion to help her end the suffering of her followers that were infected by Vampirism. By slaying these Vampires, Azura expressed her gratitude and rewarded the champion Azura's Star. A powerful artifact that can be used to store soul and may be used multiple time, unlike standard soul gems.
She once gave the same artifact to the hero of Daggerfall, after slaying a priest who offended her. She also rewarded it to the Nerevarine. At that time Azura and Sheogorath placed a bet that for 100 years, one of Azura's priestess could live in solitude without madness. When the time had almost passed, Sheogorath cheated. He sent his Golden Saint named Staada and her host of Daedric creatures to break the solitude. The Nerevarine killed the Golden Saint and took her ring as a proof for Azura to confront Sheogorath.

Knowing that Vilja was fine, my worries returned to Mirai. I had to find her. I knew she had left her home in Markarth, but I had a good idea where she went...

"What are you doing out here?" I asked. "Didn't I tell you I wanted to be left alone? Did you think I meant come annoy me some more?" Mirai said. "You looked like you needed to vent." "You're so persistent...! But... that's what I like about you. This is all such a big mess, I thought coming here would help clear my mind. I've always liked visiting Dragon Bridge, it was one of the first places I got to see in skyrim. I remember the first time Father took me out here, I was so exited! It was the first time I've ever gone so far outside my home. The majestic mountains, the crystal clear water of the river below, the big fluffy clouds in the sky... everything was beautiful. I never wanted to leave. But this was also the first time I started realizing something was different about me and how I was treated. I saw all these other kids having fun... playing with each other. Running around with their dogs, or whatever, without a care in the world. My life was never like that, I was always forced to stay inside with only my mother to keep me company. I never really questioned it until then. If I ever got a chance to go outside it was under close supervision." "Did he ever mention why?" I wondered. "When I asked my father that day why I wasn't allowed to play like those kids? He answered so brazenly that I was special and that the outside world was too dangerous for a girl like me. It made me so mad. I didn't want to be different or special, I just wanted to have fun as a normal kid. But no matter how I protested, that was the end of it. I couldn't argue with him. I had no idea what he meant then... and I still don't today. Why am I different? But now, no I have a chance to find some answers. I want to know what's in that book. I need to know what he's been grooming me my entire life for! I want to know why I'm different!" "You should listen to your mother." "I know I should but I can't! You heard how horrified she was, she's never going to give me the answers I want. If I'm going to find out what this was all for, I need to do this. I know what my mother said but I can't just let her do everything for me on her own. I need to confront him myself. I'm sorry you got involved in all of this but... it's your own fault! So take responsibility! Now that my father is after you too, you should come with me as well," she said. "I'll come if you want." "Don't get any dumb ideas, it's just easier this way." "So where do we start?" I wondered. "My mom mentioned she sold a piece to Delric, I know him... my dad would buy things from him all the time. He should be in Winterhold, near the College. We should look for him there and see if he still has it," Mirai said.

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"Ah, the freedom to stretch my wings once more! Nox hi, pus gein," the dragon said. "About my reward..." I wondered. "I see patience is not your forte. Yes, of course. As I said, so it shall be. I invite you to meet more of my kin, there I may properly reward you. Travel south-east and look upon the peak where pus gein are hiding nearby. I shall wait for you there," the dragon said.

Before returning to Mirai's home in Markarth, we found an interesting Dwemer ruin to explore a little...

What's up with the word 'Dwemer'?
Dwemer is the real (Elven) name for the Dwarves. It is pronounced: DWAY-mare. Some translations are "Short Folk", "Smart Folk" and, what is probably the best translation, "Deep Folk". Probably "Deep" as in "intelligent and multi-levelled" as opposed to a reference to some kind of physical depth.
The name "Dwarves" is used mostly by non-Elven races and has misguiding connotations. There have been rumors that the name "Dwarves" was given by the Giants that lived in Morrowind when the Dwemer first lived there. Thus (possibly) the confusion. A variation on the rumor suggests that the ancestors of Men and Mer, described as the "titantic" Ehlnofey (also known as the Earthbones), named the Dwemer. In this model, the name is actually a play on words, implying both shortness (relative to the "titanic" Ehlnofey), and intelligence. Both of these possibilities introduce what I view as possible factual inconsistencies that are beyond the scope of this guide, but they are still possible.
The most referenced possibility is that "Dwarf" is simply mistranslation of Dwemer, and that it's proper use is in the "Deep Folk" sense, but that Dwe was mistranslated by humans into "Short". Thus "Short Folk", or Dwarves.

Someone was already there Before us...

"Mom...? Mom! What are you doing here? Mom, what happened?! What are you doing in Skyrim and why aren't you with father?" Mirai said. "Oh, honey, I'm so sorry about all of this... but I had no other choice! You shouldn't have left for Wayrest on your own like that! When you left... I discovered something. Something horrible," Renai said. "What do you mean? What's going on? Does this have to do with why Dad is acting so strange?" "Do you trust this person?" "Yes, of course. Don't worry about it, I trust him," Mirai said. "Okay, Mirai. Uh... I suppose you had to find out sooner or later... but Mirai, there's something you need to know about your father and me. Mirai... we're not... your real parents." "What...? No...! No way! There's just no way! You've always been there! For as long as I can remember...!" You were very, very Young when you came to us... Your father and I... we couldn't have Children of our own. So when you came into our lives... a Little miracle, I Always loved you as one of my own. Whose blood you shared made no difference to me! I know this is all so sudden, I knew I'd have to tell you some day, but... things have changed," Renai said. "What do you mean? What's wrong?" "It's your father... he's... he's the reason I had to get away, the reason I had to get him away from you. I had to lure him away, so I took something from him I knew he'd follow me for. Then I ran to the only place I knew with friends I trusted. I didn't want to leave you alone but I couldn't stay in High Rock, I thought you'd be safe as long as I lured him away from you. I thought I'd be able to come back for you within a month but... things got difficult! With civil war breaking out and then even an invasion of dragons...?! I couldn't believe my luck. Then I found out you were here, in Skyrim and being led directly to your father. Things got complicated... I had to act. I set up a diversion to lead your father and his men away and give you a chance to get out of there. I wanted to keep you safe, I wanted to resolve this on my own without you ever knowing, but it's too dangerous now and you need to know what's going on. Mirai, your father... he's planning something. I think... he's trying to kill you." "... I break someone out of prison, I find out I'm adopted, and now my father has some plan to kill me? There's just no way this is all real," Mirai said. "This isn't a joke, Mirai! When you ran off I discovered terrible things about your father." "I know this isn't a joke, Mom, but what am I supposed to say? I knew he was acting different than usual but you're saying he wants to KILL me? I'm sorry, but this is all a bit overwhelming! How did you discover all of this?" "When you had left I found... a room next to yours. A room I never knew we had. It had ways to look into your," Renai said. "What...?" "I don't know, Mirai! I Always thought he was just a little over-protective like any father is. I thought he was just looking out for you, but this... There's more... there were these books, some sort of record that kept track of Everything you did. Who you spoke to, what your ambitions were, what you liked, what you despised. My stomach dropped, I was so confused, then there was a different book. The journals kept mentioning this... special book -- this black book. I found that he wanted to get you to read this book, but he didn't specify why. Just that you had to do it willingly. There it was, just looking at it gave me this terrible feeling. It was locked with magic so I couldn't read it, I knew I had to get rid of it. So I did the next best thing, I tore it into pieves and managed to sell some of it to delric. The rest I gave away to anyone who would take it. Then a page I hid away myself." "This is all so... I just can't believe it!" Mirai said. "I don't want to Believe it either, Mirai, but it's the truth. I've known that man for twenty years and I never knew he'd be capable of something like this. I don't know what he's planning, but I'm scared. I needed to warn you, to stay away from Junan and away from your father. I need more time to fix this, I just need you to be safe." "No, Mom! Let me come with you!" "No, Mirai! If he catches us both together that's the end of it! You should be safe within the city walls if you just stay put!" Renai said. "But...!" "I know this is hard but just please promise me you'll stay safe. Your father will be back soon, I can't stay here and argue with you." "I...! I promise..." Mirai said. "Please listen to me, Mirai. I promise this will all be over soon and this nightmare can end. I love you, okay?" "I love you too, Mom."

"Are you alright?" I asked. "Yeah, I guess.... I mean, I don't Think it's actually hit me yet. This all feels like some bad Dream. Just... what am I supposed to say? What am I supposed to do? I feel so helpless. I'm sorry, I need some time by myself. Just... please leave me alone," Mirai said.
I felt bad for her. I wanted to comfort her, but there was nothing I could say. Perhaps just giving her some personal time would be enough. And I needed to check on Vilja back home...

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"Psst, hey, are you awake? I'm so sorry about all this... I have no idea what's gotten into my father! They didn't hurt you too bad, did they? I promise I'll get you out of there, just come here, I have a plan," Mirai said. "Are you okay?" I wondered. "Me? I'm fine, you idiot! You're the one with a bump on your head. How can you be worrying about me at a time like this? Oh, and... when were you planning to tell me you're the Dragonborn? I thought Junan was trying to pull something when he told me." "What's going on in here?" "I have no idea! As soon as Junan took me to my father he didn't say more than a few Words to me. He locked me in his room and left me there," she said. "What about your mother?" "she's not here... at least, I don't Think so. I didn't get a chance to ask, but if she's not with my father, I doubt she's here." "How did you sneak past everyone?" I wondered. "My father left with Junan and a whole bunch of his men, the halls were practically empty aside from the one at my door. One guy is not enough to Watch me. Anyways, I thought this is probably the best time to get you out of here. We should be able to easily sneak past what's left of my father's men, but if we're caught... we should just be careful." "Okay, can you get me out of here?" "Oh, right. I got this key from my dad's room. This should work," Mirai said.

I was out of the cell. Now to get out of this place...

Of course, we were discovered as we tried to find the exit...

However, in a large cell we made a big discovery...
"A very different smell from the ones that usually feed me, tul koven malmindok," the dragon said. "You hear that too, right? I'm not imagining this? It's speaking to us!" Mirai said. "Eh, nu Zu'u koraav, kiir do diist. I'd recognize that stench anywhere." "H-hey! I've been running around in this nasty Cave! It's not my fault!" "Ol zent nol kiir do diist, able to understand our tongue. What is it you seek, Young one?" the dragon said. "Um... are you not speaking Tamrielic? Because that's all it sounds like to me. But uh... honestly... I just wanted to see a dragon up Close and... you're... so big! Can I ride you?" "Ful stahraal ahrk smolinaal, if it were not for your smell I would never gues you were his daughter." "Can we stop talking about how I smell now?" Mirai said. "If you seek to aid me in my freedom, the sky door is the only manner of escape." "Why haven't you tried to escape on your own?" "The small ones are very deceitful. If I were to try and break down any of the walls, the cavern would crash down upon me. If you are able to free me, perhaps I can return the favor in some other way," the dragon said. "A dragon owing us a favor might come in handy. So, let's see if we can get that door open," Mirai said.

I learned Mirai is a capable spellcaster. Once we had slaughtered the bandits and found the lever controlling the sky door, we returned to the dragon...
"Zu'u nox hi fuh hin hiif, pus gein. I'll await you outside if you wish to speak more of your reward," the dragon said before taking off.

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"Junan, what is the meaning of this? Why didn't you just dispose of the vermin? Does it look like we have food to spare?" Zan'nen said. "He was helping her, Zan'nen, and they were getting Close. I had to stop the girl from digging around any further," Junan said. "That girl's perseverance never ceases to amaze me, but that still doesn't explain why you simply didn't get rid of him when you had the chance." "There's one more thing, sir, he's the Dragonborn." "What? The Dragonborn? Him? Incredible! Perhaps I can even forgive your earlier imprudence with this. What luck, maybe we won't need the girl after all. Stay with him and tell me when he Wakes up. I need to speak with him," Zan'nen said. "Right."
Zan'nen left the room. "Hey. get up. They barely touched you, that's not all it takes, is it?" Junan said.

It was very strange they had not taken my Equipment Before tossing me in this cell. It semed obvious, I wouldn't get out of here without the key. "Mirai was right not to trust you," I said. "Hah, Mirai isn't the easiest person to manipulate but you both seemed to trust each other so easily. I just had to get one of you to come along and I knew the other would follow." "Where's Mirai?" "You're the one who got her in this mess, Dragonborn. If you left her alone she would've kept wandering around aimlessly. Forget about her, you won't be seeing her again. You have bigger things to worry about. I can't wait to walk over your corpse," Junan said.
Junan left and shortly after a man clad in vampire armour appeared. "Who are you?" I asked. "Who am I? I'm Mirai's father, didn't she mention me?" Zan'nen said. "She didn't mention you're an abductor." "My apologies, Dragonborn, I had not planned any of this, it just sort of... happened. What is she to you anyways, Dragonborn? Why are you helping her? Why go through so much trouble for a little Breton brat? Has she promised you riches? Or perhaps you were swayed by the batting of her eyelashes?" "I can't resist a pretty face," I admitted. "The Power of a pretty smile is undeniable when it puts even the Dragonborn under its spell so effortlessly. Despicable. Whatever your reasons, you have intruded on something far greater than you could have ever imagined. You can make this easier on yourself if you simply answer me honestly. Were you the only one helping her?" "I was the only one." "Hm, we'll find out if you're lying soon enough. I hope for your sake it's the truth. Very well, Dragonborn. You have been cooperative and as such I'll keep my Word. You shall be treated accordingly. You should sleep for now, Dragonborn, as for tomorrow will be an eventful day for you," Zan'nen said.

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