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Off Topic / Re: History stuff
« on: October 27, 2017, 11:41:41 AM »
The Battle of Vienna took place on 11 and 12 September 1683 after Vienna had been besieged by the Ottoman Empire for two months.
It was a battle of the Holy Roman Empire in league with the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (Holy League) versus the Ottoman Empire and chiefdoms of the Ottoman Empire at the Kahlenberg mountain near Vienna. The battle marked the beginning of the political hegemony of the Habsburg dynasty in the Holy Roman Empire and Central Europe.
The battle was won by the combined forces of the Holy Roman Empire and the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, however with the sole presence of the forces of Crown of the Kingdom of Poland (the march of Lithuanian army was delayed, as a result of which they arrived in Vienna after it was relieved). The Viennese garrison was led by Ernst Rüdiger Graf von Starhemberg subordinate of Leopold I Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor. The overall command was held by the commander of the Polish Crown's forces, the King of Poland, Jan III Sobieski.
The alliance fought the army of the Ottoman Empire and those of Ottoman fiefdoms commanded by Grand Vizier Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha. The siege itself began on 14 July 1683, by the Ottoman Empire army of approximately 150,000 men. The besieging force was composed of 60 ortas of Janissaries (12,000 men paper strength) with an observation army of c.70,000 men watching the countryside. The decisive battle took place on 12 September, after the united relief army of approximately 75,000 men had arrived.
It has been suggested by some historians that the battle marked the turning point in the Ottoman–Habsburg wars, the 300-year struggle between the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire. However, an opposing view sees the battle as only confirming the already-decaying power of the Ottoman Empire. Over the sixteen years following the battle, the Habsburgs of Austria gradually occupied and dominated southern Hungary and Transylvania, which had been largely cleared of the Ottoman forces. The battle is also notable for including the largest cavalry charge in history.

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The Battle of Vienna marked the historic end of the expansion of the Ottoman Empire into Europe.
The Ottomans fought on for another 16 years, losing control of Hungary and Transylvania in the process, before finally giving up. The end of the conflict was finalized in 1699 by the Treaty of Karlowitz.
The behavior of Louis XIV of France also set the stage for centuries to come: The Holy Roman Empire had to fight wars simultaneously in the West and the East. While its troops were fighting in the Holy League in defense of Vienna, Louis ruthlessly used the occasion, before and after the battle of Vienna, to annex territories, such as Luxembourg and Alsace. The biography of Ezechiel du Mas, Comte de Melac illustrates the devastations of large parts of Southern Germany by France.
In honor of Sobieski, the Austrians erected a church atop a hill of Kahlenberg, north of Vienna. The train route from Vienna to Warsaw is also named in Sobieski's honour. The constellation Scutum Sobieskii (Sobieski’s Shield) was named to memorialize the battle. Because Sobieski had entrusted his kingdom to the protection of the Blessed Virgin (Our Lady of Czestochowa) before the battle, Pope Innocent XI commemorated his victory by extending the feast of the Holy Name of Mary, which until then had been celebrated solely in Spain and the Kingdom of Naples, to the universal Church; it is celebrated on 12 September.

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Off Topic / Re: History stuff
« on: October 26, 2017, 04:56:06 PM »
These stories are just Amazing!

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Off Topic / Re: History stuff
« on: October 26, 2017, 04:43:45 PM »
These some some really horrifying stories. Of thse 10, I had only heard about Oksana Before - the girl living like a dog.

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Off Topic / Re: History stuff
« on: October 26, 2017, 01:53:14 PM »
These back stories are quite disturbing.

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Off Topic / Re: History stuff
« on: October 26, 2017, 01:26:15 PM »
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Off Topic / Re: History stuff
« on: October 26, 2017, 12:51:27 PM »
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Off Topic / Re: History stuff
« on: October 25, 2017, 12:06:09 PM »
This one is for our furry lovers.

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Off Topic / Re: Greetings from South Korea
« on: October 25, 2017, 11:07:19 AM »
Yeah, I think the US has 10 of those Nimitz class supercarriers.

Here's what the Wiki has on the ship:

Off Topic / Re: History stuff
« on: October 24, 2017, 05:39:06 PM »
Wotan, I've seen that YouTube about the wolf Romeo.  Could you please put a disclaimer in it that the wolf gets shot?  It's so horrible, I can't watch it and I think many others would appreciate the warning.  It made me cry I was so shocked.
Yes, unfortunately this story doesn't end well for the wolf in the long run. But it is a beautiful story for the years it lasted.[/color]

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Off Topic / Re: History stuff
« on: October 24, 2017, 05:20:25 PM »
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Off Topic / Re: History stuff
« on: October 24, 2017, 05:13:46 PM »
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Wotan's Journals / Re: The Shezarrine - a Skyrim story
« on: October 24, 2017, 10:55:09 AM »
Before leaving Dawnstar, we visited the local alchemist...

We then headed straight for Solitude. The first sight we made inside the walls wasn't pleasant, I wish my daughter could have been spared that.

From the awful execution of Roggvir we went straight to the Bards College...

Sindra was a very nice young woman. She was happy to give the lute to me after I showed her the letter from Wilbert. Vilja will be so happy. There was even a quest for available for me. Thing was that the jrl had banned the Burning of King Olaf - a festival the Bards College had held annually for ages. One can yunderstand she might find it distasteful, her husband's recent Death and all. But the bards sent me to find a long lost verse to change her mind. Well, first things first. It was late and we needed somewhere to stay... so the inn it was.

I wish I had remembered what Vilja had said about the snooty Altmer running the Radiant Raiment. We left her shop without buying anything.

Off Topic / Re: History stuff
« on: October 24, 2017, 05:09:54 AM »
This was really interesting

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Freydís Eiríksdóttir
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is an Icelandic name. The last name is a patronymic, not a family name; this person is referred to by the given name Freydís.
Freydís Eiríksdóttir was said to be born around 970 to Erik the Red (as in her patronym) who was associated with the Norse exploration of North America and the finding of Vinland with his son Leif Erikson. The only medieval and primary sources we have of Freydís are the two Vinland sagas; the Grœnlendinga saga and the Eiríks saga rauða. The two sagas offer differing accounts, though in both Freydís appears as a masculine, strong-willed woman who would defy the odds of her society.

Grœnlendinga saga
Main article: Grœnlendinga saga
Freydís is described as Leif Erikson’s full sister. This was the first saga written in the late twelfth century and is a crude version of the accounts that happened in Vinland. Freydís is mentioned only once in this saga. This is the most famous account we have of Freydís.
After expeditions to Vinland led by Leif Erikson, Þorvaldr Eiríksson and Þorfinnr Karlsefni met with some success, Freydís wants the prestige and wealth associated with a Vinland journey. She makes a deal with two Icelandic men, Helgi and Finnbogi, that they should go together to Vinland and share all profits half-and-half. Freydis asks her brother Leif Erikson to use the homes and stables that he has built in Vinland. He agrees that they all can use the houses. Helgi and Finnbogi agree that they will bring the same number of men and supplies, but Freydis ends up leaving after the brothers because she had smuggled more men into her ship. Helgi and Finnbogi, arriving early, take refuge in the houses until Freydís appears and orders the brothers to move, as the houses were her brothers and meant for her. This is one of the many disagreements that would happen in the time they are there.
In Vinland, there was tension between the two groups. Helgi and Finnbogi set up a settlement separate from Freydis and her crew. Freydis eventually went to the brothers' hut and asked how they were faring. "Well," responded the brothers, "but we do not like this ill-feeling that has sprung up between us." The two sides made peace.
When she returned to her husband, Freydis claimed Helgi and Finnbogi had beaten her, and, calling him a coward, demanded that he exact revenge on her behalf, or else she would divorce him. He gathered his men and killed Helgi and Finnbogi as well as the men in their camp when they were sleeping. When he refused to kill the five women in the camp, Freydis herself picked up an axe and massacred them.
Freydís wanted to conceal her treachery and threatened death to anyone who would tell of the killings. She went back to Greenland after a year's stay and told her brother Leif Eiriksson that Helgi and Finnbogi had decided to stay in Vinland. However, word of the killings eventually reached the ears of Leif. He had three men from Freydís's expedition tortured until they confessed the whole occurrence. Thinking ill of the deeds, Leif still did not want "to do that to Freydís, my sister, which she has deserved". However, he remarked that he foresaw Fredydis' descendants having little prosperity. The Greenlander Saga concludes that everyone thought ill of her descendants afterwards.

Eiríks saga rauða
Main article: Eiríks saga rauða
Freydís is described as the half sister to Leif Erikson. Written after the Grœnlendinga saga in the thirteenth century, this story portrays Freydis as a fearless, and protective woman. She joins an expedition to Vinland led by Þorfinnr Karlsefni, but is only mentioned once in the Saga when her camp is attacked by the Red Skins, or the Skrælingjar. The natives snuck up on the Viking camp in the night and shoot what are believed to be catapults at the warriors. Many of the men, having never seen such weaponry, flee. Freydís hears the commotion and comes out to see the men retreating.
She calls out, "Why run you away from such worthless creatures, stout men that ye are, when, as seems to me likely, you might slaughter them like so many cattle? Let me but have a weapon; I think I could fight better than any of you." They give no heed to what she says. Freydis is eight months pregnant at the time, but this does not stop her from running out of her tent and grabbing the sword from her fallen brother in arms, Thorbrand, Snorri's son. Then come the Skrælingjar upon her. She lets down her sark so that one breast is exposed, and strikes her breast with the sword, letting out a furious battle cry. At this the Skrælingjar are frightened and rush off to their boats, and flee away. Karlsefni and the rest come up to her and, instead of praise, rebuffs her behaviour.

Wotan's Journals / Re: The Shezarrine - a Skyrim story
« on: October 23, 2017, 07:35:22 AM »
In the Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar we found Wilbert - the Redguard who had promised to teach Vilja. But when I talked to him he was rather distraught by the loss of his instruments. I promised we'd get them back in Exchange for the lute lessons for Vilja. But the most interesting thing in the inn was that Bosmer vixen. Mareen Nightthorn was her name...
"I Heard you talking to the innkeep about a problem with shipments," I said. "Ehhh... It's nothing for you to worry about. See, it's actually me's been robbing the East Empire Company. I work for them as a responsible trade captain, while on the side, I keep the choiciest bits for the Thieves Guild. I keep a Commission, o'course. Then I take the rest to Riften once a month. Hopefully someday they'll let me run the outpost in Solitude. A few more big jobs should prove I can handle it," she said. "How do you protect your ship while you're away?" I wondered. "Oh, I've explored a Dwemer ruin or two in my Life. Picked up a few o' their technological tricks. The ship's outfitted with secret compartments for smuggling, as well as a few traps for unfriendly footsteps. Why don't you meet me down by the docks in a bit and you can browse my wears in the ship?" Mareen said.

I followed Mareen down to the docks...
"Perfect... just PERFECT!" she said. "What's the matter?" I wondered. "There's a bloody band of Thalmor inspecting the ships! They're looking for mine. Gods, how did they find me? They must have a spy somewhere, or more than one," she said. "Why are the Thalmor after you?" I wondered. "I'd rather not open that chest o' Worms at the moment. I'll just say... we're old enemies. Been dodgin' them most o' my Life. Mow, we can't exactly kill them, with the witnesses here. We'll have to trick them into attacking us first," she said. "Leave that to me," I said with a smile...

I walked aboard the ship. The Thalmor were annoyed by it, but they didn't attack yet. I had to antagonize them a bit first. I walked up to one of them. "What's a milk-drinker like you doin' here?" asked. "Leave the ship or I'll cut you in half," he threatened. I laughed. "You? A milk.drinker like you? I bet you can't even hold that sword!" I said. That was obviously enough. He lunged at me in a rage. Stupid mistake since I stepped to the side and felled him with a precis axe strike to the neck. The other Thalmor immediately attacked upon the docks quickly turned red with Thalmor blood as we slaughtered them all. We, being my Girls, Mareen, and I...
"Thanks for your help. I'm used to taking out löners now and then, but this was the first time I been cornered by so many. You fight pretty well, and saved me from having to abandon my ship until it was safe to come back," Mareen said. "Why don't you join me for a while?" I suggested. "Me? Join you? I don't Think so, I've Always worked alone. I ain't good in a partnership," she said. "Suit yourself. Goodbye," I said. "Sure, take care. Hey. I'll Think about it. And if our paths cross again, well, maybe it was meant to be," she said.

Me and the Girls cleaned up the fort Wilbert had directed us to. In the mine below we found the lost instruments. The Redguard bard would be so pleased to have his precious lue back...

Wilbert definitely remembered Vilja now. He even offered her his old lute. But the thing was, we had to go to the Bards College in Solitude and speak to his friend there. Wilbert gave me a letter to prove that he had sent us for it. His friend was a Young bard by the name of Sindra. Vilja was very much looking forward to going to the Bards College.

Off Topic / Re: History stuff
« on: October 22, 2017, 05:59:58 PM »
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