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Off Topic / Re: Lurker's Lair
« Last post by Darkened Angel on January 04, 2018, 08:41:57 AM »
Other than playing the Hell outta one of the games I got for Christmas, this hasn't really been that great of a year so far for me either. In my case though, it's more because the weather's going back and forth and that's messing me up.

* lurk *
Off Topic / Re: Lurker's Lair
« Last post by AusyAndy on January 04, 2018, 07:45:52 AM »
Bit of a big lurk! Tired, drinking heavily, and need to vent...

The year kicked off with nothing but bullshit at work and in my head and there's been so much of it in the last four days it feels like It's actually been about four months. Of course we're early in but with my track record year after year I certainly know where things are going so I've made my most final decision. I'm taking tomorrow off work but I don't actually intend on going back at all. Been stuck there for about six years and I've gotten nowhere with my life; even my depression hasn't eased up with all that time wasted at a place I hate, doing a job I hate, making barely enough money to get by, while my proper job/career plans gradually went down the drain with every attempt to do something about reaching my goals.

It was a big mistake to begin another year there. I was going to leave and do a security course and also try to get my truck license at the start of this year since my security course was abruptly cancelled by the training company going into liquidation around my birthday last year after waiting so long to get into it which was particularly devastating. But then by the end of 2017 my financial situation wouldn't allow for me to begin 2018 with the 1k security course elsewhere and/or the 1-2k cost of truck driver training and license test.

I've well and truly had enough of the shit that I'm faced with at every moment of my life. SO my immediate future most likely involves heavy alcohol consumption until my bank account is empty and then driving my beloved Chrysler off a cliff :o

I'll give it a month...

Wotan's Journals / Re: The Shezarrine - a Skyrim story
« Last post by Wotan on January 03, 2018, 11:25:59 PM »
With our errand done, we set out for Saarthal...

Of course, we were late and the others were already waiting for us.

Before we entered, Tolfdir gave us another safety reminder...

"As some of you may know, Saarthal was one of the earliest Nord settlements in Skyrim. It was also the largest. Sacked by the elves in the infamous Night of Tears, not much is known about what happened to Saarthal. This is an exiting opportunity for us. To be able to study such an early civilization, and the magics they used..." Tolfdir said.

Night of Tears by Dranor Seleth
Saarthal holds a prominent place in Skyrim history, even if most do not remember it by name. It is of course the site of one of the first major Nord settlements, one of the first cities of men in Skyrim, and the earliest known capital of their civilization. It was also the site of terrible bloodshed, when the elves attempted to drive the Nords out of Skyrim, to succeed only in incurring their wrath in the form of Ysgramor and his fabled Five Hundred Companions, who swept the elves from Skyrim and firmly established it as the home of the Nords.
All this is known, but little else. What happened on that Night of Tears, when Saarthal was razed to the ground? What provoked the elves to such a deliberate, vicious attack, and what prompted such a severe response from the Nords?
Vingalmo's Treatise on the Altmer Antecedent suggests that the elves of the Merethic Era, along with their counterparts the early Dwemer, possessed a degree of sophistication unparalleled in Tamriel. They displayed power beyond what could be expected of the time. While a distinct explanation is not given for this, I believe that this work, compared with the early writings of Heseph Chirirnis, suggest that something greater was at work on that night in Saarthal.
The true motives behind the Night of Tears have been obscured to us by the passage of time, but I believe this was not a simple war of territory, or of control of Skyrim. I believe that what happened was a significant event based around something very particular.
The Nords found something when they built their city, buried deep in the ground. They attempted to keep it buried, but the elves learned of it and coveted it for themselves. Thus they assaulted Saarthal, their goal not to drive the Nords out but to secure this power for themselves. I believe Ysgramor knew something of what the elves would find under Saarthal, and rallied together his people to keep the elves from gaining it. When Nords once again controlled Skyrim, this power was buried deep below the earth and sealed away.
Time has kept this knowledge from us, but it is my hope that Time will also reveal the truth of these words. Every effort will be made to relocate Saarthal, and find that which has been lost to us.

Merethic Era by Xan
The term 'Merethic' comes from the Nordic, literally, "Era of the Elves." The Merethic Era was described by early Nord scholars as a series of years numbered in reverse order backward from the first event in their recorded history -- the founding of the Camoran Dynasty, which functions as the starting point of the First Era. The prehistoric events of the Merethic Era are listed here with their traditional Nordic Merethic dates. The earliest Merethic date cited by King Harald's scholars was ME2500 -- the Nordic reckoning of the first year of time. As such, the Merethic Era extends from ME2500 in the distant past to ME1 -- the year before the founding of the Camoran Dynasty and the establishment of White-Gold Tower as an independent city-state.
Circa ME 2500: Supposed date of construction of the Adamantine Tower on Balfiera Island in High Rock, the oldest known structure of Tamriel. Earliest historical date in unpublished Elvish chronicles.
Early Merethic Era: Aboriginal beastpeoples (ancestors of the Khajiit, Argonians, Orcish (goblin-kin), and other Beastfolk) live in preliterate communities throughout Tamriel.
Middle Merethic Era
The Aldmer (Elves) leave the doomed and now-lost continent of Aldmeris (also known as 'Old Ehlnofey') and settle Tamriel. Their first colonies are distributed widely along the entire coast of Tamriel. Later inland settlements are founded primarily in fertile lowlands in southwest and central Tamriel. The sophisticated, literate, technologically advanced Aldmeri culture drives the beastfolk into the jungles, marshes, mountains, and wastelands. The Adamantine Tower is rediscovered and captured by the Direnni, a prominent and powerful Aldmeri clan. Crystal Tower is built on Summerset Isle and, later, White-Gold Tower in Cyrodiil.
During the Middle Merethic Era, Aldmeri explorers map the coasts of Vvardenfel, building the foundation of the First Era wizard towers at Ald Redaynia, Bal Fell, Tel Aruhn, and Tel Mora in Morrowind. For more information: Before the Ages of Man.
The Ayleids flourish in the jungles surrounding White-Gold Tower (present day Cyrodiil). Wild Elves, also known as the Heartland High Elves, preserved the Dawn Era magicks and language of the Ehlnofey. Ostensibly a tribute-land to the High King of Alinor, Cyrod was often so isolated from the Summerset Isles as to be its own sovereign nation.   
Late Middle Merethic Era: The Dwemer (sometimes referred to as 'Dwarves'), a free-thinking, reclusive Aldmeri clan devoted to the secrets and exploitation of science and myth, establish underground cities and communities in the mountain range (later the Velothi Mountains) separating modern-day Skyrim and modern-day Morrowind.For more information: The Annotated Anuad.
The Chimer (ancestors of the Dunmer, or Dark Elves), dynamic, ambitious, long-lived Aldmeri clans devoted to fundamentalist ancestor worship, follow the prophet Veloth out of their ancestral Aldmeri homelands to settle in the lands now known as Morrowind. Despising the secular culture and profane practices of the Dwemer, the Chimer also covet the lands and resources of the Dwemer, and for centuries provoke them with minor raids and territorial disputes.For more information: Lives of the Saints, A Short History of Morrowind,
Trinimac (strongest of the Aldmeri ancestor spirits) and his people try to halt the Velothi dissident movement. However, the Daedric Prince Boethiah, one of the masterminds of the movement, eats Trinimac. Trinimac's body and spirit are corrupted, and he emerges as the Daedric Prince Malacath. His people are changed accordingly and become the Orsimer, or Orcs.
For more information: The True Nature of Orcs, Varieties of Faith in the Empire, The Anticipations.
Circa ME 1000: Fleeing civil war and an increasingly frigid climate, Ysgramor and his men set sail from the northern continent of Atmora and land at Hsaarik Head, the extreme northern tip of Skyrim's Broken Cape. There the Atmorans build the legendary city of Saarthal and make first contact with the Aldmer or Elves of Tamriel.
The Atmorans and the Elves live in harmony for some time, but the relationship quickly turns hostile. In the city of Saarthal, the Atmorans find the Eye of Magnus. An unknown but powerful artifact that could endanger the world. The Elves learn this and decides to secure the artifact. The 'Night of Tears' happens, the city of Saarthal is sacked and destroyed. Ysgramor escapes to Atmora and soon returns with his legendary Five Hundred Companions and eventually takes the whole Skyrim from the Elves, laying the foundations of first human empire in Tamriel. His people would later come to be known as the Nords of Skyrim. The Dwemer in Blackreach, deep beneath Skyrim, are not affected by the war with the Nords.
Later on, Ysgramor develops a runic transcription of Nordic speech based on Elvish principles and is the first human historian.
For more information: Frontier, Conquest, and Accommodation: A Social History of Cyrodiil, University of Gwylim Press, 3E 344, Night of Tears.
Late Merethic Era - 1E 668: One faction of the Elves, known as the Snow Elves are cornered in the eastern island of Solstheim. In the 'Battle of the Moesring,' the Snow Prince, the leader of the Snow Elves army is killed. The Snow Elves are scattered and seek refuge to the Dwemer in Blackreach. The Dwemer trick the Snow Elves, make them blind and enslave them. They are now known as the Falmer. In some point in time, the Falmer rebel and the 'War of the Crag' enrages in Blackreach. The war is ended when the Dwemer vanished in the 1E 668.
For more information: Fall of the Snow Prince, The Falmer: A study.
Late Merethic Era - Circa 1E139: The Nords brought with them the Atmoran worship of animal gods. It is unknown how the situation came about, but in time the dragon priests had come to rule the Nords with an iron fist. They are however unable to maintain control and a rebellion known as 'The Dragon War' starts. Initially the Nords are crushed by the priests and dragons. However a few dragons take the side of the Nords. The dragon Paarthurnax teaches the Nords the magical language of the dragons to form the Thu'um or shout. The Nords eventually overthrow the dragon priests and the dragons are scattered. Even so, hold outs of dragon cultists remain well into the First Era, believing that the dragons will return.
For more information: The Dragon War, Skorm Snow-Strider's Journal.
Late Merethic Era: Velothi high culture disappears on Vvardenfell island. The earliest Dwemer Freehold colonies date from this period. The degenerate Velothi civilization devolves into tribal cultures, which, in time, evolve into the modern Great Houses of Morrowind, or persists as the barbarian Ashlander tribes. The only surviving traces of this tribal culture are scattered Velothi towers and Ashlander nomads on Vvardenfell Island. The original First Era High Elven wizard towers along the coasts of Tamriel are also abandoned about this time. For more information: Before the Ages of Man.
Meanwhile, other human tribes live scattered throughout Tamriel, often under the dominion of the culturally superior Aldmer:
"The Nedic peoples were a minority in a land of Elves, and had no choice but to live peacefully with the Elder Race. In High Rock, Hammerfell, Cyrodiil, and possibly Morrowind, they did just that, and the Nedic peoples flourished and expanded over the last centuries of the Merethic Era." - from Frontier, Conquest, and Accommodation: A Social History of Cyrodiil, University of Gwylim Press, 3E 344.
Merethic Era - Circa 1E 660: An immortal hero, warrior, sorceror, and king variously known as Pelinal Whitestrake, Harrald Hairy Breeks, Ysmir, Hans the Fox, etc., wanders Tamriel, gathering armies, conquering lands, ruling, then abandoning his kingdoms to wander again.

Off Topic / Re: Lurker's Lair
« Last post by Darkened Angel on January 03, 2018, 09:27:57 PM »
The holiday specials aren't worth it anyways. You only get a 1 day pass to access them, so for all intents and purposes, they're just glorified demos.

Life is such an unfair and over-priced MMO. Pay to Win abuse is insane too.

* lurk *
Off Topic / Re: Lurker's Lair
« Last post by Derotis on January 03, 2018, 08:21:41 PM »
Because happiness is paid DLC content, since EA Games had to ruin yet another thing.

Happy New Y-EA-R.

Pre-order now from Gamestop and get a bonus Valentine's Day.

* lurk *
Think I can skip out on that pre-order bonus.
Now, if its Halloween themed.... Im doomed. xD
Off Topic / Re: Lurker's Lair
« Last post by Darkened Angel on January 03, 2018, 08:07:16 AM »
Because happiness is paid DLC content, since EA Games had to ruin yet another thing.

Happy New Y-EA-R.

Pre-order now from Gamestop and get a bonus Valentine's Day.

* lurk *
Off Topic / Re: Lurker's Lair
« Last post by AusyAndy on January 03, 2018, 05:56:52 AM »
Why is this new year getting worse by the day!?


Wotan's Journals / Re: The Shezarrine - a Skyrim story
« Last post by Wotan on January 03, 2018, 12:44:55 AM »
On our way back, we ran into some strange creatures...

"What were those things?" I wondered. "I... I'm not sure. They were... horrible! That last one looked just like... my mother," Anduniel said. "That's ridiculou. Your mother's dead. This was some kind of monster." "I know... silly of me. Come on. Let's get out of here," she said.
The encounter with those monsters led us on a minor detour...

Atronach Forge Manual
Nephew -
I apologize that I cannot see you personally before you leave. The trip from Sadrith Mora is treacherous this season, or I would have visited upon hearing the news. The Nords have a fine college at Winterhold, and I am sure you will excel. You may know that I, too, attended there. I was quite the conjuration adept in my own day. I am sending you my notes on something called the 'Atronach Forge', a bit of a project of mine while at Winterhold.
Mention nothing to the faculty, but ask your fellow pupils about a place called the Midden. You will find the Forge there. I fear a number of my notes are missing, scattered and lost in my travels around Skyrim. Perhaps you may stumble across these in your own adventures.
The Atronach Forge offers few clues as to who built it, and even fewer as to how to unlock its full potential. Only through blind experimentation, and a few singed eyebrows, have I been able to understand its function.
The Forge is mostly a large dais, almost crude of make, but emblazoned with the traditional Daedric  rune. An offering box is attached, as well as a prominent lever. The Dais also features a large setting which seems set to receive some large, spherical object. I have had no luck determining what this missing object may be, however, or what effect it may have on the efficacy of the Forge.
The Forge is activated by placing certain items into the offering box, and then pulling the lever. The Forge consumes the items and conjures something upon the dais. The conjuration can be predicted reliably if the appropriate items are left in the box - but many combinations either have no effect or catastrophic reactions. Once I conjured a wild goat! Well, most of the goat, at least.
Experimenting wildly with the Forge is dangerous. I've recorded such recipes as I have discovered on the following pages.
The simplest, yet perhaps most hazardous stable recipe is that for a summoned atronach. The conjured brutes will attack the first thing they see, however! Be ready for battle if you have reason to use these recipes.
Flame Atronach:
Fire Salts + Ruby
Frost Atronach:
Frost Salts + Sapphire
Storm Atronach:
Void Salts + Amethyst

"We brought your things," I said. "Thank you. I've been afraid to go down there lately. I hope you didn't find trouble?" Tatiyana said. "Some monsters attacked us. We're not sure what they were," I said. "Oh dear! Well, I'm certainly glad you made it back safely. What were they like? These... monsters?" "One was a Chaurus, then a horrible Hagraven. And the last was an Elf that looked like my mother. They were all cloaked in fire," Anduniel said. "Hmm... I seem to remember... aren't you, pardon me, afraid of Charus? And Hagravens, how do you feel about them?" Tatiyana said. "Well... I'm not exactly afraid of them, but I don't like them either," Anduniel said. "And the last, the one that looked like your mother. That must have represented guilt, and sadness. I've Heard of this kind of thing happening, though never Heard of a documented case before. Your feelings of doubt, loss, and guilt must have manifested into real, corporeal menaces. Incredible. Oh, dear. I am so sorry you had to go through that. But on the Bright side, you faced your fears, and you won. Now that's something to Crow about," Tatiyana said. "Do you need anything else from us?" I wondered. "I'm afraid so, yes. I have in my notes here that I used water from the Eldergleam Sanctuary. I'd forgotten about that. It is sacred water, blessed by the healing Power of Kynareth. I boiled an Eldergleam leaf and a Hawk feather in this water. I need you to go and get them for me. Please," Tatiyana said. "Of course we'll get them for you. We'll be back soon," I said. "Thank you. I will wait here. When you return, I'll have the rest of the preparations ready. Here, you can collect water in this jug," she said.
Science and Technology / My New Computer, Twin Titans!
« Last post by LadyM on January 02, 2018, 04:09:26 PM »
I'm really excited to have my new and last computer.  This was built to last, at least I pray it does!  I bought most of the parts 2 years ago but left some of it to be determined by the tech guy who built it.  Well, so much time had passed, I needed to get a few upgraded parts and sadly forcing me to run Win10.  He turned all the privacy stuff so Microsoft can't spy on me and I've actually picked up the OS faster than I thought I would.  I'm not fully 'loaded' with software and stuff yet but I've sure enjoyed what I have!  I'll have to find the parts list but I do have piccies! :D

My mom painted that Zodiac plaque I have hanging over the tower, I tried to use that so show the size of the tower, it's really huge! lol  It has a basement and is water cooled.
Sims2 Builds / Re: Modern Masterpiece Condos
« Last post by LadyM on January 02, 2018, 03:45:13 PM »
Thanks Jase!  I have to reinstall Sims2 on my new computer.  There's something I need to do to get a resolution other than 800 x 600 but I forget where I got the mod in the first place, at least the directions.  I think I might have to change something in the .exe icon. 
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