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~ Dead Island: Welcome To Paradise! ~



Dead Island: Welcome To Paradise!
"Damn, Liam! You're so tight," John Morgan, a fourty year old ex-soldier, said as he fucked the younger man.

"Come on, harder," Liam begged.


"What the hell was that?" John stopped thrusting and turned off the stereo that they had pumping out dance music to muffle any of Liam's moans. He looked over his shoulder at the closed door of the room. Noises echoed through the hall outside but they were too faint to make out.

"Who cares? It's probably just that drunken bastard Trevor stumbling around the ship again. Do you really give a shit if he walks in on us again? Just keep fucking me!" Liam ordered. He didn't care about mysterious noises out in the hall and he certainly wasn't about to let his ass-fucking be interrupted.

John rammed back into Liam, but shortly after an even louder noise in the hall the door swung open and a figure shambled into the room. It WAS that drunken bastard Trevor, but his face was white and his clothes were covered in blood.

"What the fuck!" Liam screamed as the bloody-clothed man lurched across the room and tried to grab John.

John pulled his cock out of Liam just in time to push the attacking man away. "Fuck off, Trevor!" He pushed him back across the room and into the wall. After falling to the floor, the man they knew as Trevor climbed back to his feet and had another go at John. John grabbed a cricket bat from a stand at the foot of the bed and used it to push the aggressor away as Liam watched the scene from his hands and knees on the bed. "Get back!" John yelled repeatedly as Trevor continued to lurch towards him.

"Oh, just hit the prick so we can get back to it," Liam said, waiting impatiently. He was starting to feel a bit silly waiting on his hands and knees with his eager ass in the air as all this went on.

"Is that all you can think of right now? This guy is trying to bite me!" Fed up with Trevor's continued attacks, John swung the bat at the man's knee.


Trevor went down like a ton of bricks. His head hit the corner of the desk before he finally fell limply to the ground.

"Oh, shit! You fucking killed him!" Liam yelled, climbing off the bed.

The pair ran across the room to inspect the body.

"Look at this shit, mate! He must have been sick or something!" John poked the body with the bat. "It looks like it's already starting to rot!"

"Oh, great. What kind of sickness could cause that? And the fucker was trying to bite you? Jesus Christ."

"I don't know what could cause that but we should probably get the hell out of here and find out what's going on."

"Do you really think that's such a good idea? The whole crew could be like this! And If I'm going to die I'd rather go out with your cock in my ass!" Liam started moving back to the bed.

"That's a really nice sentiment, Laim, but I think the moment's passed," John said as he motioned to his flaccid dick. "Come on, buddy." He grab his cargo pants from the floor and pulled them on.

"Oh fucking hell!" The sick man's intrusion didn't kill the mood for Liam. He pulled a pair of bright red speedos up his legs and crammed his erection behind the elasticated fabric, and followed John out into the hall...


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