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Hi Everyone...
As suggested by LadyM, I've started this thread to discuss The Sims 4 and all of it's DLC; which consists of Patches, EPs, GPs, and SPs. Each post will focus on a specific pack with a generalized description of new gameplay, touch briefly on clothing and objects, any new lots and/or world, along with a few screenshots and my direct thoughts about that pack.

Please note that this thread is a Work In Progress and may take some time before it's finished.

I hope that you enjoy!  :default_biggrin:

Currently released Expansion Packs for The Sims 4:

* Get To Work
* Get Together
* City Living
* Cats & Dogs
Upcoming Expansion Pack(s):


Currently released Game Packs for The Sims 4:

* Outdoor Retreat
* Spa Day
* Dine Out
* Vampires
* Parenthood
Upcoming Game Pack(s):

* Jungle Adventure

Currently released Stuff Packs for The Sims 4:

* Luxury Party Stuff
* Perfect Patio Stuff
* Cool Kitchen Stuff
* Spooky Stuff
* Movie Hangout Stuff
* Romantic Garden Stuff
* Kids Room Stuff
* Backyard Stuff
* Vintage Glamour Stuff
* Bowling Night Stuff
* Fitness Stuff
* Toddler Stuff
* Laundry Stuff
Upcoming Stuff Pack(s):



The Sims 4 is the latest incarnation of a long running simulation game series that has allowed fans to create and control simulated people and worlds. When compared to it's predecessors though, this game seemed to be met with an uproar from fans due to feeling incomplete due to the amount of missing in game content when released.

* Released with two worlds, Willow Creek and Oasis Springs. A third, Newcrest, was patched in for free later.
* Two secret lots, both with unique collectibles.
* Unlike previous base games, includes bars, lounges, and nightclubs without need of add-on packs.
* CAS features a new click and drag function allowing sims to be shaped in a manner similar to clay.
* Game claims to have smarter sims with emotion system to allow gameplay with more possibilities.

In response to the community, since it's release Maxis has added the majority of the missing content through free game patches. Some of the more notable content has been items such as ghosts, pools, careers, family trees, basements, half walls, NPCs, toddlers, and more...

3.0 out of Stars (At Release)
4.5 out of 5 Stars (After Patches)

Overall, I've really enjoyed playing The Sims 4 since it's original release. While the game did feature some new content for a Sims game, the lack of missing content was very noticeable and it did feel a bit incomplete.  However, after the numerous patches things have become much, much better and I've grown to love the game even more!

The main reason that I didn't give it a full 5 star rating is due to the shortage of some basic NPCs like burglars, police officers, and firefighters still; along with the lack simple objects such as lounge chairs and trash compactors. Plus, I really would like to see body hair and facial piercings added back to CAS.

I also understand that it's not a game that will be enjoyed by all simmers. Especially with the loading screens due to the lack of an open world environment and CAW (Create-A-World) Tool.  If those things aren't necessarily deal-breakers for you, I would suggest to give it a chance. You might just like it too!  :default_biggrin:


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