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I decided to go ahead and share my latest legacy here at the HoT in addition to my normal posting at the official site and my Tumblr page.

To keep things fun, I've decided to keep things super casual this time around. I'm not going worry about the points system this time around or the 50x50 lot requirement rule. But, I will stick with the strict patriarchy gender law, a traditional bloodline, merit heir, tolerant species law, and follow the no cheats rule for the legacy.

I really hope that you enjoy my new legacy!  :default_biggrin:


Hi! My name is Cliff and I’m the founder of the Rhodes Legacy. It appears that Avarice Acres in Newcrest is my new “Home Sweet Home” or lack of to be exact. Looks like it’s time to build a house.


Well, that’s a lot better!! Small, but livable.

Time to get a job! Looks like I just got hired as a Medical Intern. Woohoo!!


Since, I don’t have to start work until Monday… I think it’s time to explore and see what Newcrest has to offer.


Oh wow!! The local gym must be a popular local hangout because this place is crazy busy.

Guess, I’ll just keep to myself and work on my legs. I’m going to need to be in top notch shape working at the hospital.


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