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Plenty Guild Wars 2 Screenshots


It's been quite a while since I had to post screenshots this way, but I found a free image hosting site that doesn't require a subscription or even registering (Postimage.org) - although I did register in order to keep track of my future screenshot uploads - so here we go. Click on the images to enlarge. Testing...

Guild Wars 2 will soon (22 Sept.) get a new expansion called Path of Fire, this time in the Crystal Desert, and a couple of weeks ago they had a free weekend showing off the demo. I only spent an hour or so in Elona but I got a good impression of it. Have a look!

Arriving in the desert. I created a necromancer for this demo, there was no way to use an existing char.

"Villager"? They call this a village? :default_ahhh:

This expansion introduces mounts. I didn't get around to trying them myself, but the map is vast so you really need them.

The inspiration is clearly ancient Egypt, with a twist.

It does look nice, doesn't it?

I was too busy playing tourist to do any quests. :default_angel2:

The marketplace.

I haven't pre-ordered yet but I'm inclined to, even though I have little time for gaming these days. I'm in this game for the long haul. :default_happy:

Oh boy!  We gots some Plenty screenies already!  Thank you so much!  :default_tops:

Here's more! I finally got through Auric Basin and moved on to Tangled Depths.

The holo-disk search was a bit of a pain, since sometimes you hit the marker on the map and it still wasn't triggering, which meant you had to go up or down somewhere. This Nord was easy to find though.

This was one of those harder places to find. I had to use my glider's updraft mastery to get up here.

Now we're getting somewhere!

Components? I guess I'll have to fight again.

It's working!

The arrow pointing down is a lot more subtle than the green swirl on the minimap. :P

Oh no, not another spiders' lair...

Quick! Tell me before you die!

I'm trying to focus on the main quest of Living World Season 2 to get to the Heart of Thorns storyline as soon as possible, but they don't make that easy. I need to get a specific mastery first before I can progress further, and there are so many distractions...

Is it good to be back home and playing again?

Being on vacation is better. ;) I don't play games as often as I used to, I spend enough time looking at a screen during working hours already. But it's fun when I can get into it without distractions.


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