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Greetings from South Korea

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Hi all! I'm on vacation in South Korea right now. I was in Panmunjon and the DMZ yesterday to experience that old Cold War feeling from back in the eighties in Europe, it's quite similar. I also saw some sights and tasted some nightlife in Seoul. Tomorrow I'll be heading east to a fishing village and visit a nature reserve. I'll upload some pictures of my stay here after I return home. See ya!

Oh I'm glad you're exploring!  I can't wait to see your pics!  Have fun, Plenty!

Looking forward to those vacation photos 

I've been quite busy during my trip here. I'm on Jeju Island now; I've been in Sokcho on the east coast and the nearby nature park there, in Wonju, Gyeongju, and after a quick ride on the KTX high-speed train to the southern harbour city of Busan. The USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier happened to be visiting while I was there; that ship is huge! I've also seen a lot of sights of course, been on a bike ride through the countryside, walked a lot, climbed a lot of stairs to temples, viewpoints and other high places, etc. etc. One more full day on Jeju and I'll be returning to Seoul for a day until I need to fly back home. Cheers and see you later!

Yeah, I think the US has 10 of those Nimitz class supercarriers.

Here's what the Wiki has on the ship:


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