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Call of the Tenebrae

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"Your usefulness ends here, mongrel. Your kind will serve its one purpose... as a tool to deliver the Cleansing. Chosen! Prepare the portals! As for you... you half-breed waste..."

"You're insane! Your masters are dead, and you're only hastening your own demise! Even if you succeed, you'll only doom your own kind!"
"Chosen! Raise the barrier! Keep the human at bay!"



"You pathetic half-breed! The Cleansing Begins. You should feel honored. You are the first."

"Arakh, teke-li!"
"He'rek teme-ra! Keep the portal open, Chosen! This human filth belongs in the Nethers! Ga-rakh!"

"Keep it open! It mustn't Close yet!"

"What did just happen?!"

Confused. The mercenerary closed his eyes. He remembered...
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The Orc Wars...

Oh my, your guy is really cute! :D

He's the default character. Haven't done any modifications to him. You actually start the game at lvl 60 - if you're not importing a character from POFF. I haven't entered the village where the game starts yet. Throwing in some screens from the intro right now. More of those to come. Then I'll toss in a few shots from the beginning of the base game befor returing to my COT game


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