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Author Topic: Fast Food Worker ( Parody - Sweet Transvestite - Rocky Horror Picture Show )  (Read 17 times)

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( F-N-F )
How do you do
I see you met my faithful kitty cat.
He's just a little brought down because
When you knocked,
He throught you were a juicy rat.
Don't get strung by my giant meat hook.
I'm really a nice lover.
I slaughter beef by the light of day
But by night I'm like no other.
I'm just a fast-food worker
Taking orders, packing to go.

Let me run you around, maybe have you shed a pound
You look like you're both kinda fatty
Or if you want something extreme
Maybe swim in a stream
Keep it up until you're no longer a beef patty.

( Brad )
That's a big meat hook, wow
But don't kill us a cow
We don't want it costly

( Janet )

( Brad )
No need for an axe
You can just relax
We just wanna a cold frosty.

( F-N-F )
Well you don't eat meat
Well how 'bout that
Well babies, you won't get fat
With my tofu instead,
And some low carb bread,
You can have fries with that
I'm just a fast-food worker
Taking orders, packing to go.

Why don't you try our new shakes

( Riff Raff )

( F-N-F )
Or maybe a pie

( Columbia )

( F-N-F )
I could show my latest creation
I've been working on a plan
A burger too big for one man
But the taste is one awesome sensation
I'm just a fast-food worker
Taking orders, packing to go.
Hit it! Hit it!
I'm just a fast-food worker

( Riff Raff, Magenta, Columbia )
Fast-food worker!

( F-N-F )
Taking orders

( Riff Raff, Magenta, Columbia )
Packing to go

( F-N-F )
So come up in line
See what else looks fine
I see you want some masti...cation
But maybe your thirst
Could get a lot worse
So I'll fill that order
One frosty to go.
Forever bound to serve LadyM, the Dark Goddess of the HoT.