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Author Topic: Holiday Killer  (Read 7 times)

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Holiday Killer
« on: December 19, 2017, 09:43:59 AM »
It starts every New Year,
After I have a beer,
I decide for a thrill,
To go out and kill.

Don't be my Valentine,
You don't want to be mine,
I'll take your last breath,
With my kiss of death.

St. Patrick's Day,
I blew them away,
Every last leprechaun,
And pot of gold is gone.

Then on April Fool's,
I have lots of tools,
To whack them on the head,
And make them all dead.

Along comes Easter,
I'm the bunny reaper,
Killing all the dregs,
With exploding eggs.

On the 4th of July,
When the fireworks fly,
Above every town,
Death rains down.

Then comes Halloween,
All the children scream,
A little poisoned candy,
Makes them quiet and dandy.

Here comes Thanksgiving,
Not much is left living,
No one is left to mourn,
After eating exploding corn.

Finally on Christmas,
There's a North Pole Mrs.,
She's crying because,
I killed Santa Claus.

I'm a holiday killer,
A festive thriller,
And my next year's sin,
Will be to do it all again.
Forever bound to serve LadyM, the Dark Goddess of the HoT.